Ten Anti-American Businesses to Boycott this Christmas Season

We live in a world filled with bad actors. As individuals, we can rarely affect their behavior. We are but a single vote… a single voice… a figurative grain of sand. I am voting anyway, and here is my list of companies I am singling out to never patronize and why.

Honorable Mention. Gillette – For engaging in blatant misandry. Proctor & Gamble is so large they are virtually impossible to boycott. They are everywhere, like an enormous, underground fungus. BUT you sure as hell should stop using all Gillette products. Click the link above. It will route you to an advertisement Gillette ran earlier this year. This ad is the definition of the hatred of men. If you think this sexist piece of trash is anything but a gross mischaracterization of manhood, you need to watch Cassie Jaye’s documentary, The Red Pill, then start your Gillette boycott.

10. Target – For continuing their fifteen-year ban on Salvation Army bell ringers during the Christmas season. During the holiday season of 2004, Target decided to ban one of the Salvation Army’s biggest charitable fundraisers, the Salvation Army bellringers and their red kettles. The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that helps the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of all teeming shores without thought of race, religion or status. If have you forgotten Target’s douchebaggery over the years, and stopped boycotting this soulless company and their odorous stores, it is time to start afresh. Oh Yeah, Target, I have not forgotten you took Christ out of Christmas.

9. Google’s YouTube – For demonetizing and outright banning content simply based on the publishers’ political viewpoints. This is a tough one. Rather than an outright boycott, I encourage everyone to search and watch as much conservative content on YouTube as possible, just to poke a stick in Google’s eye. You should still dump Gmail and all Google’s other products.

8. Pinterest – For blocking pro-life, anti-abortion publishers, calling them internet pornographers. If you are a Christian and/or a person of conscience, please quit using Pinterest and start using your own imagination. Seriously, do not sell out for “a million and one cute ideas.”

7. The NFL – For taking a knee during America’s National Anthem. Frankly, the NFL is so full of cheaters, thugs, and assholes, I stopped being a fan years ago. Now that, as an entity, the sum total of the NFL is catering to a few players who suffer from terminal Richard Head disease, the rest of America should follow by turning their backs to the NFL product. Go play with your children and grandchildren and teach them that America is a truly unique and great nation.

6. Facebook – For being rotten in every way. You (did not) read the amorphous terms of service and ever-shifting privacy notices, yet you know, deep in your heart, that Facebook is (an unnecessary) evil. It is time. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! I promise, you will not only survive, you will actually thrive.

5. Google – For stealing the copyrighted material of our lives and shadow-banning conservative voices. Boycotting Google is easier than you think. For pennies a day you can purchase your own private e-mail account where you are the customer instead of the product. You can also use privacy advocates such as startpage.com or duckduckgo.com as your search engine, and Firefox is a great browser. Absolutely painless. Fudge Google!

4. Comcast/MSNBC – For reasons very similar to boycotting AT&T/CNN. Americans should do their patriotic best to avoid using Comcast services and viewing Comcast subsidiary, MSNBC. MSNBC, especially the pathological Rachel Maddow and her oversized thumbs, have volunteered their time and talents to propagating the Deep State’s and the DNC’s gross misinformation campaign against the duly elected President of the United States. You can delete both enterprises from your life without consequence.

3. AT&T/CNN – For aiding and abetting the attempted soft coup against the duly elected POTUS and trading American values for those of the communist Chinese government. AT&T, the telecom/media giant, owns the failing Barony of Fake News, the alethephobic CNN, and therefore supports the Kingdom of the Deep State and a soft coup against the duly elected president of the United States of America. AT&T also owns Warner Bros Studios who, like Hollywood’s five other major movie studios, actively adhere to strict communist China censorship requirements when producing films for American consumption in order to profit off of Red China and its estimated 3,800,000 million slaves. SKIP THE THEATER THIS YEAR and read a book. George Orwell comes to mind.

2. Nike – For ignorantly disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America, and then willfully disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America. In a matter of a few short years, Nike went from being All-American to unapologetically un-American. Nike 86ed their planned release of a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag, not because placing our flag on a pair of sneakers disrespects the flag (it does, by the way. Only a profoundly ignorant person would place a flag where it will inevitably get left in the dark and dragged through the mud. Just saying), rather Nike pulled the plug on their ill-conceived attempt at patriotism because an overly indulged, failed athlete named Colin Kaepernick, gets triggered and melts down when he sees anything remotely pro-American. Kaepernick cried and Nike’s Betsy Ross flag shoe died. There is nothing Nike makes that you can’t purchase from their competitors. SHOP ELSEWHERE!

1. The NBA – For sacrificing freedom for profit. After Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey briefly tweeted support for Hong Kong’s efforts to remain free of Communist China, Lebron James, speaking for the entirety of the NBA organization, put the values of Communist China and its approximately 3.8 million slaves, above Truth, Justice and the American Way… for money. Welcome to Uncle NBA’s Cabin, where rich, pampered black men profit from one of the globe’s biggest slave plantations. With a little luck, one day the descendants of the people of Communist China will be free so they can sue for reparations from these people of (not yellow) color. If you want a basketball fix, go support your local high school.

Welcome to Social Government: How the Left Plans to Bypass Democracy – Spinquark.com

This is tampering with our electoral process in the most insidious fashion through suppression of the average American citizen’s access to conservative voices on the internet. I encourage you, the reader, to click through and read Spinquark’s research. It is the exposure of the reality of shadow banning and it is frightening.

“Progressive Democrats using big tech companies to stifle our free speech should be the most important discussion of this generation.”


Source: Welcome to Social Government – Spinquark.com

Rumors of Shadow Banning

This chart links to Google Exec Jen Gennai's Orwellian mission

Left hand axis is the number of posts. Right hand axis is Google referrals. After four years of steadily improving traffic, the coincidence between the election of President Trump, Google executive Jen Gennai’s comments, and the decline in this blog’s visibility is hard to overlook.

Who knows if my blog is being shadow banned or not, as it is a just minor conservative endeavor, but my Google referrals have dropped over 70% in the last 18 months despite steady publication of quality, rational, well researched conservative articles. In light of Google Exec Jen Gennai’s comments about “Preventing the next Trump situation,” it may be more than a coincidence.

For further reading, please visit Project Veritas through this link. Thanks.

10 Lies That Shape the Minds of Social Justice Warriors and NPCs

We are individuals as long as we all think the same.

1. Conservative, White Men are the Source of “Toxic Masculinity,” Social Violence and Murder in America.

This is definitive proof that conservative, white, men and women live somewhere else and mind their own business. Stop blaming us.

There are fifteen American communities, the bastion’s of America’s Progressive philosophies, that uniformly voted for Hillary Clinton and everything she represents. It is no surprise their cities are Hell on earth. There are seventy-six American communities that are uniformly rejected Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine living in a place where you really don’t need to lock your door?

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Leave the Zuck and Facebook Alone!

I do not use Facebook. I dislike the company and would never agree to their terms of service. There is a long-standing rule on the internet that, if it is free to you, you are the product. It is the same with broadcast television and radio, and if you think the paltry sum you pay for your newspaper subscription cover the cost of production, you are mistaken. Advertisers pay for our eyes and ears, they target our demographics, and blast us with adverts in hopes of selling us everything imaginable. That is the game.

Here is the bottom line. We need air to breath, food, water and shelter. We need energy. We need transportation, whether it is our two feet, a horse, a car, or a bus. We need reliable means of communication. Telephones and internet access are necessary in our society. These are all things we “need.” NO ONE NEEDS FACEBOOK.

Facebook serves no real need or purpose. It is a toy. It is an insidious toy, but it remains a toy. It is not a public utility, an investment bank, or a drug manufacturer. Facebook does not manufacturer anything. It is just a public forum where people voluntarily sign away the copyright of the their lives in what amounts to a very public Christmas letter they update every day. Deep down inside, every adult user knows what Facebook is, and they accept the terms of service in exchange for the fancy toy. If you are suddenly having a crisis of conscience, delete your account. You might go through withdrawal, but that just means you are an internet junkie. Zuck is not to blame. He is just running a business, and you agreed to the terms of service.

Fake News!!

This video by Andrew Klavan is a brilliant, concise explanation of American and global journalism’s intellectual dishonesty. When fake journalist Mika Brzezinski mocked the size of genitalia of the duly elected President of the United States of America, equipment she has NEVER seen, the INTERNATIONAL, GLOBAL STORY was not about what a stupid, disrespectful bitch this vain, fake blond with brown eyebrows is, but about that the POTUS smacked her right back, calling her vain and old. Two real truths, since she is a FIFTY YEARS OLD WOMAN parading as a twenty-nine year old Marilyn Monroe clone. At least Trump’s tweet was truthful.

Does Raising the Minimum Wage Cause an Increase in Unemployment?

Between 1950 and 2012 America’s unemployment rate has been between a low of 2.9% in 1953 and a high of 10.4% in 1983, with a median of 5.7%. The Federal minimum wage, adjusted for inflation (2013 dollars), has ranged from a low of $5.95 in 2006 to a high of $10.70 in 1968, with a median of $7.47. The government has increased the minimum wage 14 times between 1950 and 2012. According to many right-wing, capitalist voices, such as radio journalist Lars Larson, every time we raise the minimum wage, unemployment rates will rise and businesses will fail as a result. Is it true?

The quick answer is no, but that is not necessarily a justification to raise the minimum wage beyond small adjustments for inflation.

Between 1950 and 2013 the government raised the minimum wage 14 times. Unemployment rates actually fell 8 out of 14 times.

Between 1950 and 2013 the government raised the minimum wage 14 times. Unemployment rates actually fell 8 out of 14 times.

Originally, our government enacted a minimum wage standard to stop wealthy industrialists from raping the American worker. Today the purpose of a minimum wage is to provide a young kid with no skills, or a disabled worker, a base wage that gives them a sliver of human dignity. It is a place to start, not a long-term survival strategy.

The national rate of unemployment does not seem to respond to raising or lowering the minimum wage.

The national rate of unemployment does not seem to respond to raising or lowering the minimum wage.

Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage today is about the same as it was in 1950, the buying power of about $7.25/hour. Between 1950 and 1969 America’s full time, minimum wage was about 95% of the median wage. That means, for those two decades, almost 50% of jobs in America were essentially minimum wage jobs.

While it does not reflect increases in worker productivity, and has not kept pace with the raises the top 1% have afforded themselves, since 1980 the gap between minimum and median wage has steadily grown.

While it does not reflect increases in worker productivity, and has not kept pace with the raises the top 1% have afforded themselves, since 1980 the gap between minimum and median wage has steadily grown.

Today’s median American income is the same as a full-time, $13.00/hour job. That is $3.50/hour better than the nation’s highest minimum wage, Washington D.C.’s rate of $9.50/hour. Only 4.3% of American workers are paid the federal minimum. Once you factor in the cost of non-wage compensation, things like employer subsidized health insurance, today’s yearly wages and benefits are significantly better for 96% of Americans than in 1950. That is why America’s “poor” can usually afford lattes, smart-phones, high-speed internet, Xbox and Netflix, in addition to the traditional beer and cigarettes.

While wages certainly have not increased at the same rate as worker productivity, and the wealth gap between the top 1% and the rest of us has become vast chasm fueled by extreme greed, no one can rationally say that America’s working poor, as a group, are not better off today than 30 or 60 years ago. All that time, the minimum wage, adjusted for inflation, has essentially been flat.

Plenty of states with high minimum wages have low unemployment while plenty of states who use the federal minimum wage have high unemployment.

Plenty of states with high minimum wages have low unemployment while plenty of states who use the federal minimum wage have high unemployment.

In today’s America, most minimum wage jobs are found in small, Mom & Pop operations run by your next-door neighbor, like restaurants, landscaping services, small retailers, family farms and the like. These businesses often run on very thin profit margins, and their owners are rarely fabulously wealthy. These are the businesses most affected by increases in the minimum wage. They can handle inflationary increases, but if you think a small, independent business can suddenly absorb the difference between $8.00/hour and $15.00/hour, think again. Unfortunately, when they go out of business, they hardly make a statistical ripple in the economy. While their existence is important to the spirit of America, they do not mean spit to our GDP.

Years with low unemployment rates have the same affective minimum wages as year with high unemployment.

Years with low unemployment rates have the same affective minimum wages as year with high unemployment.

And that is why raising the minimum wage does not now, nor has it in the past had a statistically significant impact on unemployment and business failures in America. No one in their right mind can pin any economic bust on the wages of the least among us. It is the captains of industry and banking, along with political spendthrifts, who are responsible for all our busts, not some kid stocking shelves at the local market.