10 Lies That Shape the Minds of Social Justice Warriors and NPCs

We are individuals as long as we all think the same.

1. Conservative, White Men are the Source of “Toxic Masculinity,” Social Violence and Murder in America.

This is definitive proof that conservative, white, men and women live somewhere else and mind their own business. Stop blaming us.

There are fifteen American communities, the bastion’s of America’s Progressive philosophies, that uniformly voted for Hillary Clinton and everything she represents. It is no surprise their cities are Hell on earth. There are seventy-six American communities that are uniformly rejected Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine living in a place where you really don’t need to lock your door?

Sorry kids, conservative white guys are not the source America’s violence. That is fake news. It is the leftist, liberal democratic-socialists that are responsible for social violence in America. I bet it is hard for Social Justice Warriors to look in the mirror, but if you live in a community that voted for Barak Obama or Hilary Clinton you are likely subject to more social injustice and social violence than the nearest locale that supported Donald Trump. Once you take away conservative, Christian values, you are left in a violent moral void. That 85% of American communities voted for Donald Trump is the very reason why our Founding Fathers created the electoral college. You cannot let a handful of overpopulated shit-hole cities dictate to 85% of the nation.

2. White Men Commit the Majority of Mass Shootings.

More fake news. Men are more violent than women, true, but if you have to pick between a white bar, a hispanic bar, or a black bar to pop in for a burger and beer, I recommend you pick the white bar.

3. Firearms Cause Violence.

Despite the teachings of Fake News, people cause violence, not guns. Take away the guns, then knife crime goes up. Globally, as the right of private citizens to legally own firearms diminishes, their risk of enduring a violent death grows. Personally, I want the ability to defend myself. We are all our own first responders.

Pick where you want to live. For me, there is no place like home.

4. Firearms Cause Suicide.

Of the five most populated nations on Earth, only China has a combined violent death/suicide rate lower than America’s in 2010.

This is literally the stupidest thing left-tards believe. America’s suicide rates are statistically average on a global basis. Everyone else in the world uses rope and hangs themselves.

There are 17 nations where the rate of lawful gun ownership exceeds 25 firearms per 100 in population. The average rate of violent death and suicide in these countries is 2.2 per 100,000 and 9.9 per 100,000 respectively. The US rates are 6.4 and 10.3 respectively.
For “disarmed” nations, those below 25 lawfully owned firearms per 100 in population, the average risk of violent death rises to 13.1 per 100,000, while suicides remain flat at 9.4 per 100,000. The presence of lawfully owned firearms appears to have a chilling effect on global violence and no affect on global suicide rates.

5. Abortion Is Not Murder.

America’s pro-abortion crowd needs to take a fricking biology class and watch an ultrasound.

6. Solar Energy, Wind Power and Other Green Energy Sources Can Supply the Majority of Earth’s Energy.

About 6% of current global energy is green. Take away unpopular nuclear and hydroelectric energy, and only about 2% of global energy is green.

The earth does not have even a tiny fraction of the appropriate land for solar and wind to be more than a tiny tool in the energy shed.

7. Personal Privacy does not Matter.

You own the copyright of your life. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, your ISP, your cellular provider and 23andMe have stolen that copyright. “Alexa, please eavesdrop on everything inside my house and keep secret recordings of my life! Thank you, sweetie.” Sometimes the theft is buried in the End User Licensing Agreement, and sometimes they just take it and dare you to sue. You can’t, because you are poor. The bottom line is, if you say it, you own it. If you write it, you own it. Even your grocery list. Would you let International Paper assume ownership of everything you wrote on their paper simply because they supplied the paper? No? Then why do you allow the ilk of Silicon Valley to take ownership of your original thoughts? No answer? Stupid.

8. Sacrificing Liberty and Rights is a Worthy Exchange for Safety and Comfort.

For all these sacrifices, the English suffer more crime, violence, and murder per 100,000 in population than America.

And don’t forget, England’s National Health Service rations healthcare to such extremes that they block parents from taking their children abroad for services to ensure everyone is treated equally badly.

9. They Think they Know What Hard Work is.

No matter how many protests Social Justice Warriors attend and how much debt they collect while mooching off their parents, life is going to kick their ass unless they learn to shut up, work hard, make good decisions, and save their money. The real world will not cater to snowflakes who melt down every time they have to walk up hill.

10. Mainstream Media is Fair and Balanced, Not Fake News.

The mainstream media, and that includes public educators and democratic-socialist politicians, are the ones who brainwashed the Social Justice Warriors and NPCs into believing the nine previous lies. These are just a drop in the bucket of mistruths their ilk propogate. EVERYTHING they say is suspect.

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