Pharmacy Times Magazine Sents Out Fake Survey Request

Why are people so bleeding dishonest all the time? As though it does not occur to them that personal and professional integrity actually have value. As though the words honesty and integrity are merely corporate buzz-words like leverage, alignment, holistic, open-door, and value-added. Words that, at the end of the day, are really vacuous, meaningless garble. You are either honest or you are not. You cannot behave dishonestly and then lay claim to being honest… unless you are a politician… then it is a job requirement. You cannot be deceitful and claim to have integrity… unless you are a politician… then, once again, it is a job requirement.

So what exactly is my beef with Pharmacy Times, a magazine that nobody but pharmacists reads and is really, really boring? They sent me a really stupid e-mail, that is what.

Pharmacy Times gave the e-mail a really great title, “We want your opinion on discount drug coupons and co-pay cards!”

“What a great subject!” I thought to myself because, in truth, I am a bit boring. Manufacturer discount and co-pay cards are a pain in the ass. For those of you who are not familiar with these programs, I will sum up quickly. Drug manufacturers like to charge really high prices for their drugs in hopes that insurance companies will pay. Insurance companies tend to charge patients really high co-pays for the really expensive drugs that patients often cannot afford. To entice the patient to still purchase their overpriced drug, the company will give the patient a rebate card, to offset a portion of the co-pay. The really busy, understaffed, overworked pharmacist, then has to stop what ever important task they are working on and enter the coupon into the computer and process it so the patient can get a reasonable price. It is the world’s most inefficient, time-consuming way for a manufacturer to lower the price on their product. Frankly, it cheapens my profession and is a boil in the ass of pharmacy.

So when Pharmacy Times actually offered me a chance to voice my opinion on the matter, I jumped at the chance. I hate these frickin’ cards! But no! That is not what the survey was! It was a one question advertisement asking me if I had ever heard of Pharmacy Times new Coupon and Co-Pay Resource. Pharmacy Times did not want my opinion at all. Pharmacy Times CEO’s name is Tighe Blazier, not that anyone cares. And is that a fake name? Like Ford Prefect? In my opinion Chevy Blazier would have been better, even kinda cool, but we already know PT does not really want my opinion. Hey there, Chevy, don’t ask for my opinion if you really don’t want it. Jerk. Maybe next time you will answer my e-mails asking why you are such a jerk, jerk. Though this is more fun. Jerk.

Sorry to bore you all with my little rant, but that is my opinion.