Marijuana Users are 9X More Likely to be Involved in a Fatal Auto Accident While Driving than Alcohol Users

Discussing the merits and evils of marijuana with the 420 crowd is like discussing the bio-ethics with Jeff Spicoli. They are dull, stupid and listless, yet utterly stubborn in their single-minded desire to ease their access to their next bowl. While they are not a very physically action-oriented crowd, they are willing to say just about anything if it will help open a head shop in their neighborhood, no fact checking required. Making it up as they go along requires little effort and their cause literally feeds and grows on their fabrications, like stoners feed on Taco Bell. Vast falsehoods and outlandish myths shamelessly perpetrated by mere word of mouth, simply because they are too gorked to actually get off the couch and contribute anything meaningful to society.

Here is the fundamental list of what pot-heads want everyone to believe – and it is all wrong.

  • Marijuana is no different from alcohol.
  • Marijuana is not addictive.
  • Marijuana has never killed anyone.
  • Marijuana does not impair learning.
  • Marijuana does not affect a person’s ability to get and keep a good job.
  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
  • Marijuana does not impair intelligence.
  • Marijuana is safe for pregnant women, children and adolescents.
  • Marijuana has no negative health consequences what-so-ever.

Here are some actual facts taken from reputable sources such as Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics and Jones-Witters Drugs & Society, a biological perspective. Real scientists. Real research. Real facts.

Alcohol is a water-soluble carbohydrate that is rapidly absorbed by the intestinal track. It takes the body about three hours to metabolize one ounce of ethanol. Intoxication is directly related to blood levels. Acute intoxication includes drunkenness, nausea, vomiting, and unconsciousness. Chronic abuse can lead to addiction and the symptoms of withdrawal include: tremors, irritability, nausea, sleep disturbances, rapid heart rate, sweating, seizures, fever and sweating. Chronic but moderate daily consumption poses no health risks outside of pregnancy. About 70% of Americans (about 225 million) regularly drink alcoholic beverages, but the vast majority of ingestion is at non-impairing doses. Long-term abuse damages the liver, heart and brain. Use during pregnancy can cause fetal-alcohol syndrome. About 34% of auto-accident driver fatalities involve alcohol.

THC (∆-9-tetrahydrocanabanol) is a fat-soluble drug that is extensively bound to blood proteins and absorbed by fatty tissue compartments. While a single dose will produce a pleasant state of relaxation for around two hours, it can take the body up to 30 days to metabolize and clear the drug. Acute intoxication can result in space and time distortions as well as mild anxiety and panic. Chronic, moderate users commonly suffer from “amotivational syndrome,” where they are unable to generate any interest in goal-directed activities such as school, work, athletics or social gatherings. THC is modestly addictive and has a withdrawal syndrome consisting of restlessness, irritability, mild agitation, insomnia, sleep disturbances, nausea and cramping. Approximately 6% of Americans (about 19 million) use marijuana regularly, and almost 100% of use is intended to achieve a state of cognitive impairment. Like smoking tobacco, smoking marijuana regularly has clearly demonstrated reductions in pulmonary function, including COPD, and cannabis tar applied to the skin of test mice has produced pre-cancerous lesions similar to those generated by tobacco tar. THC passes through the placental barrier and concentrates in a fetus’s lipid tissues like the brain. It is also found in breast milk. Chronic use has a negative affect on spermatogenesis, and has demonstrated a four-fold increase in miscarriages in primate studies.

In 2009 21,978 drivers were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Of those drivers tested postmortem by the government (odd as it seems, not all drivers killed in auto accidents are tested for impairing substances – requirements vary from state to state) 34% tested positive for alcohol and 25% tested positive for THC. Despite being outnumbered by alcohol users by nearly 12 to 1, pot-heads are involved in nearly as many fatal accidents. As a matter of fact, pot-heads overall risk in 2009 of dying behind the wheel per 100,000 in population is 28.9. The risk for regular alcohol users is a mere 3.3 deaths per 100,000 in population. GOT THAT 420 CROWD? You are nearly 9X more likely to die behind the wheel than your average drinker. That infers you are 9X more likely to kill an innocent person while driving because of you own selfish need to get baked. That means you are significantly stupider than the average Joe. As in chronically impaired judgment and behavior that is consistent with and suggestive of a lower IQ.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: As if we didn’t already know about Ray Rice – Other Views –

Leonard Pitts Jr.: As if we didn’t already know about Ray Rice – Other Views –

Leonard Pitts hits the nail on the head and drives it home with a single swing of the hammer. I could not say it better.

Photo of the day – Your Progressive Friend Might Just be a Closet Fascist

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


The Fish and the Cross are very important symbols to Christians. The fish is the symbol followers of Christ used to identify one another during the early years of Roman persecution. The cross represents the suffering of Christ and the subsequent forgiveness and healing he brought to the world. Those who mock these holy symbols with their Darwin emblems and bumper stickers in the name of “enlightenment” are disgusting, disrespectful bigots that wholly take advantage of the culture of forgiveness that exists in Christianity. You insult us and, instead of beating hell out of you and leaving you in the gutter, we turn the other cheek. Think on that. You are such cowards that the closest you come to mocking Islam is the benign COEXIST bumper sticker. Mock Islam, mock Mohammed, and you might end up dead. So, instead, you piss on Christ because you know you can get away with it. You preach to me that through my religious beliefs I have devolved into something less than human, a mere animal not worthy of rights or a voice, like a Jew in Nazi Germany. You know I will not raise my hand to you in response. Instead, you know that when you ask my help, I will give it despite your insult. Now I want you to think on this:

According to my trusty ’43 Webster’s, FASCISM is: Any centralized system of government that exercises absolute control over industry, commerce, and finance, and which advocates strongly nationalistic policies, imposes strict censorship, and oppresses all opposition.

So all you “enlightened” left-wing progressives need to ask yourself:

Would a fascist government censor the free press (Obama’s plan to embed government observers in newsrooms nationwide)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government suppress religious freedom (Oregon and New York’s persecution of Christian businesses)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government force its citizens to purchase products they do not want or need in the name of nationalism (Obamacare)? Yes or no?

Would a fascist government continually undermine states rights (Obamacare, public education)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government use its power to harass its political opponents (Obama’s IRS scandal)? Yes or no.

Is your brand of enlightened, progressive liberalism really thinly veiled fascism (pro-Obama, anti-Christian, support for media censorship and union thuggery)? Yes or no. If yes, then where is your flag and where is your cross?