John Boehner Claims Ted Cruz is Lucifer

John Boehner, a professional politician but never a real statesman, is a Republican in name only. The chasm between his rhetoric and his actions had grown so vast by the time he left office it was like he had an evil twin or split personality. If a poacher cut off this rhino’s horn it would grow back in no time at all. It comes as no surprise that he dislikes Ted Cruz. Boehner tried to piss down everyone’s back and tell them it was raining, and Cruz did not buy in. He refused to get on board when Boehner sold his constituents and party down river as a favor to his left-wing, Democrat friends. Boehner as much as admitted he prefers Bernie Sander’s political views over Cruz’s, and now has made the very public claim that Ted Cruz is, indeed, Lucifer in the flesh. Well, Mr. Boehner, I have news for you. If Lucifer were here, in the flesh, he would be winning this year’s presidential race, and your next round of golf would not be with Donald Trump. You ought to crack open the Good Book before you go shooting off your mouth about end-times. By the way, why are you texting buddies with the Donald, anyway?