Social Justice Joke of the Day – Annoy Your Leftist Friends

Question: What did the Cal-Berkeley physicist say when they isolated two isotopes of helium?

Answer: They They.

Ten Anti-American Businesses to Boycott this Christmas Season

We live in a world filled with bad actors. As individuals, we can rarely affect their behavior. We are but a single vote… a single voice… a figurative grain of sand. I am voting anyway, and here is my list of companies I am singling out to never patronize and why.

Honorable Mention. Gillette – For engaging in blatant misandry. Proctor & Gamble is so large they are virtually impossible to boycott. They are everywhere, like an enormous, underground fungus. BUT you sure as hell should stop using all Gillette products. Click the link above. It will route you to an advertisement Gillette ran earlier this year. This ad is the definition of the hatred of men. If you think this sexist piece of trash is anything but a gross mischaracterization of manhood, you need to watch Cassie Jaye’s documentary, The Red Pill, then start your Gillette boycott.

10. Target – For continuing their fifteen-year ban on Salvation Army bell ringers during the Christmas season. During the holiday season of 2004, Target decided to ban one of the Salvation Army’s biggest charitable fundraisers, the Salvation Army bellringers and their red kettles. The Salvation Army is a charitable organization that helps the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of all teeming shores without thought of race, religion or status. If have you forgotten Target’s douchebaggery over the years, and stopped boycotting this soulless company and their odorous stores, it is time to start afresh. Oh Yeah, Target, I have not forgotten you took Christ out of Christmas.

9. Google’s YouTube – For demonetizing and outright banning content simply based on the publishers’ political viewpoints. This is a tough one. Rather than an outright boycott, I encourage everyone to search and watch as much conservative content on YouTube as possible, just to poke a stick in Google’s eye. You should still dump Gmail and all Google’s other products.

8. Pinterest – For blocking pro-life, anti-abortion publishers, calling them internet pornographers. If you are a Christian and/or a person of conscience, please quit using Pinterest and start using your own imagination. Seriously, do not sell out for “a million and one cute ideas.”

7. The NFL – For taking a knee during America’s National Anthem. Frankly, the NFL is so full of cheaters, thugs, and assholes, I stopped being a fan years ago. Now that, as an entity, the sum total of the NFL is catering to a few players who suffer from terminal Richard Head disease, the rest of America should follow by turning their backs to the NFL product. Go play with your children and grandchildren and teach them that America is a truly unique and great nation.

6. Facebook – For being rotten in every way. You (did not) read the amorphous terms of service and ever-shifting privacy notices, yet you know, deep in your heart, that Facebook is (an unnecessary) evil. It is time. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! I promise, you will not only survive, you will actually thrive.

5. Google – For stealing the copyrighted material of our lives and shadow-banning conservative voices. Boycotting Google is easier than you think. For pennies a day you can purchase your own private e-mail account where you are the customer instead of the product. You can also use privacy advocates such as or as your search engine, and Firefox is a great browser. Absolutely painless. Fudge Google!

4. Comcast/MSNBC – For reasons very similar to boycotting AT&T/CNN. Americans should do their patriotic best to avoid using Comcast services and viewing Comcast subsidiary, MSNBC. MSNBC, especially the pathological Rachel Maddow and her oversized thumbs, have volunteered their time and talents to propagating the Deep State’s and the DNC’s gross misinformation campaign against the duly elected President of the United States. You can delete both enterprises from your life without consequence.

3. AT&T/CNN – For aiding and abetting the attempted soft coup against the duly elected POTUS and trading American values for those of the communist Chinese government. AT&T, the telecom/media giant, owns the failing Barony of Fake News, the alethephobic CNN, and therefore supports the Kingdom of the Deep State and a soft coup against the duly elected president of the United States of America. AT&T also owns Warner Bros Studios who, like Hollywood’s five other major movie studios, actively adhere to strict communist China censorship requirements when producing films for American consumption in order to profit off of Red China and its estimated 3,800,000 million slaves. SKIP THE THEATER THIS YEAR and read a book. George Orwell comes to mind.

2. Nike – For ignorantly disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America, and then willfully disrespecting the Flag of the United States of America. In a matter of a few short years, Nike went from being All-American to unapologetically un-American. Nike 86ed their planned release of a shoe featuring the Betsy Ross flag, not because placing our flag on a pair of sneakers disrespects the flag (it does, by the way. Only a profoundly ignorant person would place a flag where it will inevitably get left in the dark and dragged through the mud. Just saying), rather Nike pulled the plug on their ill-conceived attempt at patriotism because an overly indulged, failed athlete named Colin Kaepernick, gets triggered and melts down when he sees anything remotely pro-American. Kaepernick cried and Nike’s Betsy Ross flag shoe died. There is nothing Nike makes that you can’t purchase from their competitors. SHOP ELSEWHERE!

1. The NBA – For sacrificing freedom for profit. After Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey briefly tweeted support for Hong Kong’s efforts to remain free of Communist China, Lebron James, speaking for the entirety of the NBA organization, put the values of Communist China and its approximately 3.8 million slaves, above Truth, Justice and the American Way… for money. Welcome to Uncle NBA’s Cabin, where rich, pampered black men profit from one of the globe’s biggest slave plantations. With a little luck, one day the descendants of the people of Communist China will be free so they can sue for reparations from these people of (not yellow) color. If you want a basketball fix, go support your local high school.

US Mormon children killed in grisly Mexico attack – BBC News

Let us all thank ALL the leftist democrats in the w(H.O.R.)e for saying there is nothing to see here. A WALL? Crazy talk! A manufactured crisis! Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. A Nancy you truly are.

The family convoy was ambushed, possibly by mistake, by gunmen from a drug cartel.

Source: US Mormon children killed in grisly Mexico attack – BBC News

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is Not A Christian – Rather, He Is A Christian Heretic

Luke 1:39-45
During those days Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste to a town of Judah, where she entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, cried out in a loud voice and said, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the infant in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

Mayor Pete is a Democrat presidential candidate that claims a religious, moral high ground over his hedonist rivals. Fake News sources honor him as an educated, yet spiritual man. Progressive religious, if you will. A man who, unlike his rudderless Dem opponants, possesses a moral compass. When recently asked to reconcile his faith and abortion, Mayor Pete claims that his faith tradition teaches that life magically begins with the first breath… that the first gulp of life giving oxygen fills the lungs and transforms the ‘not living’ to the state of life. With that breath the fly emerges from the maggot. The chick desperately escapes its shell. The human babe expels from the woman, trans-man, or one of a possible thirty-plus gender identities who were born with ovaries and a uterus. That is when Mayor Pete’s God breathes life into those beings, transforming them from clay to living flesh, just as the Christian God did for Adam and Eve. Therefore, in Mayor Pete’s faith tradition, abortion is not murder. Just yard work.

For the moment, let us forget that science says life begins at conception… that science detects fetal heart beats, brainwaves, movements, pain responses, and twins clinging to each other in utero as if for comfort.

Mayor Pete is neither the village idiot or an uneducated dolt.

In the words of Sleepy Joe Biden, the Democrat party is about (personal) truths, not facts. Feelings over rational thought. Let’s go ahead and give Mayor Pete the forgiveness we give the uneducated or challenged mind.

For time immemorial, the Roman Catholic Church, the founding church of all Western Christianity, has maintained that life begins in utero and a child in the womb is ‘alive.’ It is not an administrative position, but a immovable adherance to natural law. The Church does not have the authority to deny God. Millenia later science came along behind Catholicism and confirmed women really do conceive, and life begins at the point of conception. After the creation of Adam and Eve, God left mankind to self-replicate. Non-living spermatozoa combine with non-living ova to produce life continued. The Gospel According to Luke spells it out explicitly. In utero, Elizabeth’s son John, who would become John the Baptist, leaps for joy in the presence of Mary’s in utero son, Jesus. According the Mayor Pete, and his religion, after this miraculous moment, Mary and Elizabeth could, with a clean conscience, go find a witch with a stick and abort both boys.

That is all well and good, as our world and history are filled will thousands of different religions, and in America we enjoy freedom of religion no matter how insane. The problem with Mayor Pete is his claim to be a baptized Christian, and that my friends, is heresy. He is not a Christian, rather he is a Christian heretic. He is unrepentant and refuses to be corrected. He has chosen a left-wing political life over a faith life. Of all the Democrat candidates, Mayor Pete may not be the stupidest, craziest, or most likely to bring America to ruin, but he is the lowest. He is to be looked upon with the utter distain of a traitor. All religious, Christians and Jews, ought to turn their backs on Mayor Pete. Luckily for him, God will leave the door open and the light on.

The Billy Graham Rule

The left hates Mike Pence. Why? Because he and his wife are real Christians. The BBC hates the Vice-President and his wife. Fake Catholic, Fredo Cuomo, in the truest form of Mario Puzo’s mob Catholicism, hates the Pences. They live the life Fredo pretends only on Ash Wednesday. Why? Well, for starters, Vice President Pence refuses to spend time alone with women who are not his wife. The left always hates it when anyone sets a good moral example for the rest of society. In their willfully evil critique of real Christians of good will, the globalist left reveals their total lack of moral compass.

Cuomo’s faith is between him and God, but his professional and private conduct seem to fly in the face of the teaching of the Church.

My wife and I have been faithful companions since 1986, married 31 years. No separations. No divorce. Why? The Billy Graham rule. Never be alone with a woman (or a man if you are the woman of the marriage) who is not your spouse. Period. Break the rule, and you may just destroy the best thing in your life. You may wound your children, your parents and all your extended family. Nearly every divorce or separation I have been near has involved infidelity. So why do leftists mock Christians who actually live by the Billy Graham rule? They hate obvious solutions.

Texas police apologise for horseback officers leading black man by rope – BBC News

Seriously! What the hell, Texas? Do you realize the damage you dumb-asses just did? I am going to get blamed for this. Do you know why? No, cuz you are a bunch of idiots. Morons. Half-wits. I am white. I am male. I am conservative. I want to make America great again. President Trump is my president, and now all of America’s stupid, barely literate, SJWs are going to hate on me even more because I look like you. HOW DARE YOU! How dare you embarrass white men with your hopelessly deaf reinactment of an 1855 capture of an escaped slave. I hope both your Daddies take you all behind the woodshed for a good whipping for shaming not only this great country, but for shaming your mothers!

The apology follows an outcry over a photo of mounted officers leading an African American man.



Source: Texas police apologise for horseback officers leading black man by rope – BBC News