The 2nd Greatest Threat the the Trump Presidency

In my opinion…

I see the greatest threat to the Trump presidency as the left-wing political apparatus that is hell-bent on undermining his ability to move America forward… to the point of violating the rule of law, their oaths of office, and their professional integrity, all for the sake forcing their will on unwilling citizens.

What I see as the second greatest threat is the citizenry of the District of Columbia. Virtually every man and woman who resides in D.C. voted for Clinton. From the beat-cops, to the fry cooks, to the thousands of federal employees who live and work in D.C., 92.3% support Clinton’s left-wing progressive agenda and hate President Trump. That is over 260,000 people against less than 12,000 Trump supporters. That means our duly elected president will likely meet passive-aggressive subordinates at every turn who will carry out his orders in a lackluster fashion. That is one hell of a swamp.


The Definition of Hard Work

Do you want to know why President Trump is so successful? It is not his flamboyant character, nor is it being born into a wealthy family. President Trump is successful because the man has an incredible work ethic. Not only does he work smart, he works hard… all… the… time! I wrestled in high school. Wrestlers can be lazy on their own time, but there is no such thing as a lazy wrestler. We call lazy wrestlers quitters. They quit the team because they do not like hard work. Like Yoda said, “There is no try. There is only do, or do not.” Wrestlers do, quitters do not.

My wrestling career did not start out that well. As a freshman I was a lazy, half-effort sort of kid. I got pinned every time I stepped on the mat. In the middle of the season my coaches got really tired of my attitude and pulled me aside. They told me straight up, I needed to decide whether or not I wanted to be in that room, on that team. The door was right there, and I was free to quit. Or commit. It was the first adult decision of my life.

You have to understand, especially those of you in the millennial generation, that real world does not care about you, nor is the real world interested in persecuting you. The real world’s only interest is what you bring to the table. Ultimately it is a barter system. If you are lazy, the world will reward you with the lazy man’s share. If you are always a day late, a dollar short, in need a proper haircut, and constantly giving society the middle finger, you have little to offer, and the world will compensate you accordingly. If you are always on time, presentable, and bust your ass getting the job done, you chances of success are much higher.

In that moment when my coaches pulled me aside, I decided to commit. I toughened up and worked harder. In return my coaches committed to me. An awful lot of my teammates chose to quit. About 75%, in fact. Only seven wrestlers from my freshman class gutted out all four years. Our senior year, collectively we won over 150 matches and a league championship. It was the definition of hard work and its rewards.

I took the work ethic I learned in those years and I applied it to college and pharmacy school. I applied it to my marriage and raising my children. I applied it to every job I have ever worked. Sadly, today, there are a lot of people who simply do not know what hard work is. They have never experienced it, and when the opportunity for hard work appears, they are blinded by it like a deer in the headlights. They find the concept of hard work paralyzing. They close their eyes and cover their ears and pray that it is simply a hallucination that will vanish after a count of ten. These people will ultimately get left behind as life goes on. Things like owning a home and retiring in something other than poverty will forever be beyond their reach.

You know who I am talking about. The person at your job who makes you work twice as hard because they are stuck in perpetual first gear. The person who won Olympic bronze for the 100 yard mosey. The person who spends an hour in the bathroom every day avoiding hard work. The person who shows up late and calls in sick and whines about needing a “safe place.” The person who makes themselves scarce when it is time to break a sweat. The person who is all talk and little do. While they are not funny in the moment, in the long run, the joke is on them. Trust me.

Fake News!!

This video by Andrew Klavan is a brilliant, concise explanation of American and global journalism’s intellectual dishonesty. When fake journalist Mika Brzezinski mocked the size of genitalia of the duly elected President of the United States of America, equipment she has NEVER seen, the INTERNATIONAL, GLOBAL STORY was not about what a stupid, disrespectful bitch this vain, fake blond with brown eyebrows is, but about that the POTUS smacked her right back, calling her vain and old. Two real truths, since she is a FIFTY YEARS OLD WOMAN parading as a twenty-nine year old Marilyn Monroe clone. At least Trump’s tweet was truthful.

Oregon To Issue Non-Binary Driver’s Licenses As Of July 1st, 2017

As of July 1st, 2017, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, in a fit of political correctness, will become the first state to recognize a non-binary gender selection on the state’s driver’s license. Licensees can choose to select M (male), F (female) or X (neither of the above) as their gender. Of course a quick physical by any qualified practitioner (turn your head and cough, please) will definitively prove that X is either M or F, but Oregon is on the forefront of politically correct self-identification. Do not get me wrong, I am fairly libertarian when it comes to personal free agency, as long as someone with the wrong plumbing is not watching me in the public toilet. Call me Victorian there. I have a right to a Gents Only toilet, just as ladies have a right to a Ladies Only toilet.

What is really at issue here, with Oregon allowing X on the driver’s license, is the allowance of licensees to falsify demographic information. A significant part of the driver’s license is a physical description of the licensee. The photo show racial features and hair color. The date of birth shows age. It lists home address, height, weight, and gender. It is not meant as a part of the psychology of self-identification. It does not list political parties, sexual preferences, relationship status or religious beliefs. At least it didn’t, until now… here in left coast Oregon.

My state has now opened another Pandora’s Box, allowing self-identification, instead of real identification on the ODL. I am only as old as I feel, right? What if I feel eternally twenty-nine years old? Can I get a new DOB every year? I am pretty short, but what if I feel like I am six feet tall? Do I get to put that on my license? What if I feel like I am Canadian or British? Maybe I feel like I live in the governor’s mansion. What if I self-identify as black? Can I have a black man stand in for me for my license photo? What use is all that fake information when you are dead in a ditch after an auto accident and the police are trying to identify your corpse? I can just hear the medical examiner now, “We have another Jane Doe, here!” all because the victim’s real gender does not match that of non-binary on the driver’s license and the governor does not recognize them. Good luck getting a passport, by the way.

At the end of the day, I do not allow my ODL to determine who I am. It is just a license to drive and a piece of identification that is only useful when it is accurate. I do not need that little plastic card to affirm who I am spiritually and who I aspire to be. I am not offended that the photo is bad and it robs me a 1/2 inch in height. It is simply a license to drive and basic, physical identification. That is all.

Today, with the growth of social media, we have more ways to express ourselves than at any time in history. Any person can go on Facebook and cry out, “I am who I am!” and find like-minded people to share in their lives and struggles. What you have in your underpants is really not a big deal. It is what it is, a physical characteristic. It is part of you, and, asides hermaphrodites, there are only two options. M or F.

CNN Suspects Virginia Republican Assassination Attempt Might Have Been Accidental

Today’s attempted assassination of American Republican leaders, the stuff television political thrillers such as 24 and Designated Survivor thrive on, are just another sickening reminder on just how split our nation is. In a matter of days we have moved beyond the radical left’s hateful depictions of the murder of our duly elected president, to an actual assassination attempt on America’s duly elected conservative leaders that left several people hospitalized and the assassin dead. Leave it to the masters of the “Fake News,” CNN, to actually ask one of the survivors if, perhaps, it was some sort of accident. Sick!

CCN Questions Mo Brooks About Assassination Attempt

According to the BBC, CNN  had to actually ask Congressman Mo Brooks if the June 14th assassination attempt on Republican representatives was deliberate. Perhaps CNN thought it was another of Kathy Griffin’s comedy routines.

CNN’s Randi Kaye then goes on to be an apologist for left-wing assassin James Hodgkinson. She takes the time to explain why Steve Scalise deserved to be shot,  associating him with David Duke, the KKK, intolerance toward non-English speaking Americans, defunding of planned parenthood, getting rid of Obama-Care, denying global warming, and being a loyal supporter of President Trump, all in the name of good, old Louisiana fun. I was stunned that CNN has suddenly moved beyond “Fake News” into the rhetoric of justifying the murder of conservative Americans. It is as though CNN is the new KKK.

Randi Kaye associates Steve Scalise with David Duke

Randi Kaye simply cannot resist flashing a photo of David Duke to justify the attempted assassination of conservative leaders, as though they really had it coming.


Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Sells His Integrity Down The River

The typical cliche clandestine meeting between government power brokers occurs on a secluded park bench somewhere in Washington, D.C. Usually a threat or two are exchanged along with a bit of classified information, all in hopes of saving the world one episode at a time. When former President Bill Clinton had his clandestine meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch June 7th, 2016, a shady bench in a quiet park was simply not good enough. Instead, he and Lynch took the biggest jets they could find, burned enough fuel to single-handedly bring the end of the world a month early, and left a pair of 2,000 mile long jet trails hanging over America, all so they could meet on the tarmac of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. Once there I think they exchanged diabetic recipes clipped out of Sunset Magazine. It certainly had nothing to do with the FBI’s active investigation into presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s illegal home-server and her mishandling of classified government documents. There could not possibly be the stink of the abuse of presidential power involving a former two term president and the current front-runner for the presidency… whom happen to be husband and wife. According to the mute Democratic senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden, that is. If the stink of abuse of power was there, by George, he would say so! But he didn’t. It was like a cat had got ahold of his tongue.

I am a socially and financially conservative man. I usually vote Republican, but occasionally cross the aisle. To my regret, I actually voted for Bill Clinton in 1992. I was never a fan of Bush Sr. I have also voted for Ron Wyden several times, and have enjoyed a good relationship with his office over the years. We share a lot of common concerns. That all came to a screeching halt when Senator Wyden questioned fired FBI Director James Comey on June 8th, 2017.

Here is my beef. With FBI Director Comey’s findings from 2016, had a lowly White House staffer done what then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton did, using an illegal home-server and illegally sharing classified documents, some of which showed up on pervert Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner’s laptop, Comey would have recommended an indictment. His absolution of Clinton destroyed his credibility with me. It stank of insider politics and abuse of power. Even with this get-out-of-jail-free card in hand, by the end of the campaign Hilary Clinton appeared to loath James Comey, and I bet you dollars-to-donuts, if she had won the presidency over Donald Trump, the first thing she would have done is fire his ass.

Ron Wyden is a smart fellow, and he should know this in his heart of hearts. Back in March of 2012, as Barak Obama was campaigning for president against Mitt Romney, he was caught on tape promising Russian Dmitry Medvedev “more flexibility” after the election… if he won. Where was Ron Wyden then? Where was James Comey then? Senator Wyden waited to get his game on until he could go after a political enemy. He is not angry about Comey being fired, he is angry about who got the privilege of handing out the pinkslip. He seems to hate President Trump, so he holds Trump to a different standard, a much higher standard, than he holds those within his own party.

As I watched Wyden question Comey, I suddenly lost all respect for the man. He stinks of partisanship. He is behaving like a sore loser. I believed Wyden was a senator who would cross the aisle for the benefit of America. Now he is just another opportunistic, leftwing demagogue. The more he and his ilk hound President Trump over petty, vacuous trivialities, the more I support him. I really hesitated last fall when it came time to cast my ballot, but now I am so glad I voted Trump. I am sick to death of the daily temper tantrums of left-wing progressives. Sorry Ron, but I will never vote for you again.

Forgiveness In Kathy Griffin’s America

Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” Nelson Mandela

One of the greatest challenges all Americans face, both left and right, is forgiving those who would take away those rights we hold dearest, while continuing to fight for those very rights. Today we are clearly a nation divided. Too many Americans focus on revenge for past persecutions, rather than forgiveness and healing. Too many Americans tolerate this kind of vengeful behavior as long as they see it as politically correct.

Society has persecuted same-sex couples for millennia. Only in recent years are we beginning to move past this and enter an era of understanding and acceptance. Globally, the battle for acceptance of same-sex couples has a long way to go. Unfortunately, as this group slowly becomes empowered, able to freely determine their own fates, they are using the current political climate to attack Christians and traditional society. The persecuted have turned into the persecutors, flexing the power government agencies steeped in the new culture of political correctness. Instead of embracing forgiveness and healing, letting go of past wounds, some in the LGBT community are seeking revenge. It only takes a few militants to keep the wound open.

The divide between white and black America, an ugly, festering gash, had been slowly on the mend since the Civil War. Between April 15th, 1865 and April 4th, 1968, countless Americans, mostly black, gave their lives in hopes that men and women would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Over the past twenty-five years I have sadly watched as a resentful, vengeful black community actively undermines the hopes of great men and women, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King to Rosa Parks.

Rodney King was not a black man randomly beat by police for drinking from the wrong water fountain. Rodney King was a criminal thug who resisted arrest, who also happened to be black. The Rodney King scenario has repeated itself over and over again for the last quarter century. When a criminal thug with a record a mile wide, the sort of mug only a mother could love, spends his time on Earth terrorizing his community, who resists arrest and fights with police, finally gets killed, there are two distinct standards of judgement. If the thug is white, Hispanic, or Asian, no one cares about race. Society judges the thug by the content of his rotten character. However, if he is black, he is judged solely by the color of his skin, not his rotten character, and the outrage over his death generates riots.

In the end, there is no difference between a person of color who is passed over for a job or a promotion solely because of the color of their skin, and the white police officer who gets anonymous death threats because he or she has the misfortune of killing a black gang-banger with a gun during an arrest gone wrong. Neither scenario is just. Both people are victims of racism. Both situations further divide and build resentment within the community.

Both Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela preached the power of healing and forgiveness, not revenge and retaliation when you obtain power. Wallowing in resentment and anger stifles everyone’s ability to live. Defend yourself and your rights, but stop seeking revenge. Turn the other cheek. Understand that not everyone has to conform to your way of thinking, your lifestyle, in order for you to be happy.

So where does Kathy Griffin fit in to all of this? She recently sported a bloody, severed, head of the duly elected President of the United States. Not only was it rude, crass and vile, her actions were a distillation of the angry, vengeful resentment that left-wing America has been incubating since they lost the election. This constant negative pressure, insults, mockery, anger, and resentment is not going unnoticed by those Americans who elected Donald Trump and truly want him to be successful for the betterment of America. Hilary Clinton is still campaigning, and President Obama refuses to get off the sideline and retire. None of it is good for America. Just as discriminating against Christians will not further same-sex rights and attacks on police will not solve black crime and discrimination, the flailing resentment by the post-election left will do nothing to heal a divided America. I have already forgiven Kathy Griffin for disrespecting the American presidency. I wish her no ill will. The question now is, can Kathy Griffin let go of her anger towards me because I voted for Donald Trump and want him to succeed?