The 2020-21 Flu Vaccine is 4X MORE Racist Than Covid-19

That is right, all you SJWs, Joe Biden supporters, and leftist rioters, the Chinese Wuhan virus, Covid-19, has been eclipsed in its racist taint by this year’s influenza vaccine, a mixture of these four influenza viruses.

Influenza A: Guangdong-Maonan. Guangdong is Communist China’s most populist region. The Maonan people are one of Communist China’s 56 recognized ethnic groups. Blaming them for causing 25% of the expected coming American flu season is RACIST!!

Influenza A: Hong Kong. The Red Chinese have long coveted the destruction and absorption of Hong Kong. Blaming Hong Kong for causing 25% of the expected coming American flu season is RACIST!! And also supports LeBron James and the NBA’s ability to make money exploiting Communist Chinese slavery.

Influenza B: Phuket. Phuket is a small province of Thailand, whose economy relies heavily on tourism. Blaming Phuket for causing 25% of the expected coming American flu season is RACISM designed to hurt their tourism industry.

Influenza B: Washington. Seeing as George Washington owned slaves, everything he touched and is named after him is tainted by RACISM. Washington State, as well as Washington D.C., all Washington Counties and Washington public schools need to check their white privilege and APOLOGIZE to BLM, ANTIFA, and every leftist NPC everywhere for causing 25% of the expected coming 2020-21 American flu season.

“I think we should protest and boycott racist flu shots”

10 Lies That Shape the Minds of Social Justice Warriors and NPCs

We are individuals as long as we all think the same.

1. Conservative, White Men are the Source of “Toxic Masculinity,” Social Violence and Murder in America.

This is definitive proof that conservative, white, men and women live somewhere else and mind their own business. Stop blaming us.

There are fifteen American communities, the bastion’s of America’s Progressive philosophies, that uniformly voted for Hillary Clinton and everything she represents. It is no surprise their cities are Hell on earth. There are seventy-six American communities that are uniformly rejected Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine living in a place where you really don’t need to lock your door?

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