You Cannot Be a Christian and a Member of the Democratic Party

Quick Facts:

  • Abortion on demand is a core plank of the Democratic Party platform.
  • There are no openly pro-life Democrat politicians.
  • Some Democrat politicians openly support infanticide.
  • Human life begins at conception.
  • God forbids his followers to assist in the killing of innocent human beings.
  • People who support Democrat politicians support the institutionalized killing of innocent human beings.

Life Really Does Begin at Conception:

The fundamental, scientific definition of life is a biological organism’s ability for cellular replication. While viruses, sperm and ova are fascinating biological organisms, they are not alive. Viruses cannot spontaneously reproduce and must penetrate a living host cell and borrow its genetic machinery to produce copies of itself. Neither sperm nor ova can individually divide and self replicate. The sperm must penetrate the ovum, where the two previously “not living” cells produce a single, genetically unique, “living” organism. Given proper care and nutrition, the cells of this brand-new, genetically unique person will grow, first in the womb, then in the crib, then in school, then at work, then in retirement, until one day the genetically unique person dies. All through those years of life, that person has the same genetic fingerprint they were given at the point of conception. Despite what the DNC would have you believe, there is no magical Life Fairy who waves her wand and bestows life on a baby after Dad cuts the umbilical cord. Science has God’s back here. Personhood really begins at conception, no matter what the law says. The law used to say that blacks and women were property instead of persons. Wrong then, wrong now.

Abortion Really is Murder:

The fundamental definition of murder is intentionally killing another person when they did not deserve it. Babies are perfectly guiltless. They are a clean sheet. There is no circumstance where a baby deserves to be killed. Even if it is necessary for the health and welfare of the mother, aborting her unborn child is, by definition, murder. Killing an innocent person simply for the benefit of different person is murder. All America has done is legalize murder under certain circumstances. Legalizing abortion does not change that, by definition, an abortion murders an innocent human person. It is quite frightening to know that so many of my fellow Americans accept circumstantial murder. Hitler’s Germany largely accepted circumstantial murder, too. The fact is most of history’s genocides were perfectly legal and sanctioned by the victims governments.

Christians and the Ten Commandments:

The Greatest Commandment: Love God with all your heart and all your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.

The Ten Commandments:
I am the Lord, your God, you shall have no strange gods before me.
You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.
Remember to keep holy the sabbath day.
Honor your father and mother.
You shall not kill.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

We Christians have to follow lots of rules. As you can see, these rules are largely to society’s benefit. QUILTBAGers fare much better in Christian countries than elsewhere. Still, it is hard for Christians to follow all the rules to the letter. When we break the rules of God, we are committing sins. I know the word “sin” makes people uncomfortable, as sin implies Heavenly judgement of bad behavior, and no one likes to be victimized by the notions of virtuous behavior. It is so much easier believing that virtue is not better than vice, only different. Easier yet is to believe that virtue is inferior to vice, and should be persecuted for its inconvenience. That might be why the QUILTBAGers keep suing Christians for practicing their faith.

Now for the absolute:

A Christian cannot lend support to America’s abortion culture and remain a Christian. It would be like claiming to be a Christian while denying the existence of God. Or claiming to be a Christian while being a swinger attending orgy parties. Or claiming to be a Christian while lying under oath and sending an innocent man to prison. If you do consider yourself a Christian, and in past years you have supported left-wing, pro-abortion politicians, you have some serious soul-searching to do. It is time to have a conversation with God and either commit or quit. God’s love is boundless. He sent his only son to die for our sins. Yet he allows you the freedom to reject him. In supporting our leftist-progressive abortion culture, you are doing just that.

Photo of the day – Your Progressive Friend Might Just be a Closet Fascist

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


The Fish and the Cross are very important symbols to Christians. The fish is the symbol followers of Christ used to identify one another during the early years of Roman persecution. The cross represents the suffering of Christ and the subsequent forgiveness and healing he brought to the world. Those who mock these holy symbols with their Darwin emblems and bumper stickers in the name of “enlightenment” are disgusting, disrespectful bigots that wholly take advantage of the culture of forgiveness that exists in Christianity. You insult us and, instead of beating hell out of you and leaving you in the gutter, we turn the other cheek. Think on that. You are such cowards that the closest you come to mocking Islam is the benign COEXIST bumper sticker. Mock Islam, mock Mohammed, and you might end up dead. So, instead, you piss on Christ because you know you can get away with it. You preach to me that through my religious beliefs I have devolved into something less than human, a mere animal not worthy of rights or a voice, like a Jew in Nazi Germany. You know I will not raise my hand to you in response. Instead, you know that when you ask my help, I will give it despite your insult. Now I want you to think on this:

According to my trusty ’43 Webster’s, FASCISM is: Any centralized system of government that exercises absolute control over industry, commerce, and finance, and which advocates strongly nationalistic policies, imposes strict censorship, and oppresses all opposition.

So all you “enlightened” left-wing progressives need to ask yourself:

Would a fascist government censor the free press (Obama’s plan to embed government observers in newsrooms nationwide)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government suppress religious freedom (Oregon and New York’s persecution of Christian businesses)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government force its citizens to purchase products they do not want or need in the name of nationalism (Obamacare)? Yes or no?

Would a fascist government continually undermine states rights (Obamacare, public education)? Yes or no.

Would a fascist government use its power to harass its political opponents (Obama’s IRS scandal)? Yes or no.

Is your brand of enlightened, progressive liberalism really thinly veiled fascism (pro-Obama, anti-Christian, support for media censorship and union thuggery)? Yes or no. If yes, then where is your flag and where is your cross?