Fact Checker, Snopes, Lies to America About Liberal Progressivism’s Relationship to Social Violence and Murder

This is definitive proof that conservative, white, men and women live somewhere else and mind their own business. Stop blaming us.

The following article is definitive proof that right-wing, conservative men and women live ‘somewhere else’ and are not responsible for liberal progressive problems. Stop blaming us.

Quick Facts:

  • Donald Trump won 49.9% of the popular vote, 304 electoral votes, and 85% of American communities. (Think 12 districts of ‘The Hunger Games’)
  • Hillary Clinton won 50.1% of the popular vote, 227 electoral votes, and 15% of American communities. (Think Capital of ‘The Hunger Games’)
  • This article uses the data from the Uniform Crime Reports from 47 states and Washington D.C.
  • Broward County, Florida overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton.

The Accepted Paradigm:
The current narrative of modern American journalism and American society is conservative, right-wing, white males are primarily responsible for social violence. We are the owners of the assault style rifles, we are the militias, we are the NRA. Right wing, white men are responsible for the suppression of women, blacks, undocumented aliens, and commit the majority of mass shootings. The liberal progressive movement needs to resist our antiquated, repressive social mores, and fight for a more tolerant, diverse, loving, and safe society. It is time to rise up and fight the power! Thank God for the NEA, the molders of young minds!

The New Internet Counter-claim:

Murders vs Voters
Following the 2016 Presidential Election, some clever internet wonks compared a recent map of the worst places in America for violent crime and murder, to those jurisdictions that supported Hillary Clinton. Any 4th grade student could look at the two maps and surmise that liberal progressives are much more violent and murderous than right-wing conservatives. Any adult can look out the window to see May-Day protesters, Antifa protesters, Black Lives Matter protesters and the Occupy movement throwing bricks through windows, assaulting police officers and lighting cars on fire, and shrug. Duh! Of course libs are violent. What police officer would want to serve and protect these d-bags? Lefty entertainers are mean spirited, and lefty journalists are quite callous with those they dislike. So what, exactly, is the shock that Hillary’s supporters have a higher propensity for crime than conservative Americans?

In Steps Snopes.com, THE FACT CHECKER:
Snopes is our internet lie detector. Amid accusations of left-leaning bias, Snopes received a double thumbs-up from factcheck.org for accuracy in 2009 and again in 2018. Snopes put Chicago based Dan “I will set it right” Evon on the case. Dan, a seasoned researcher and community organizer as well as myth debunker, opened his laptop and did not rest until the facts of thDan Evon, Snopes FACT CHECKERe matter were laid bare for America. Were American liberal progressives really the source of much of America’s social violence and murders? Or was this just another vast right-wing conspiracy out to discredit the Clintons? Dan would dig up the truth, no matter. Minutes went by as he furiously queried Google Home, SIRI and ALEXA. His furrowed brow glistened with sweat. He took a swig of orange soda… a second bite of his gluten-free, vegan PBJ. He felt the new claim simply had to be wrong. Liberals smoke lots of pot. They are peace-loving. They are not a bunch of drunk Irishmen brawling in the Boston streets at 2AM! And, Shazam, the answer revealed itself to Dan Evon in prophetic form…

Dan Evon Did Not Check His Facts

Then Chicago Dan rated the maps and the claim that lib-progs create violence in society as FALSE!

Snopes says Nopes

Snopes lied and people died.

Snopes and Dan Evon are simply another outlet of FAKE NEWS:
Call it the arrogance of the lazy. I found the maps compelling and obvious. It was a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ moment. When Snopes, THE FACT CHECKER, came down against the maps, I was floored, so I spent the last several months combing through every state’s Uniform Crime Report and collated nearly 20,000 data points (it was really tedious) comparing per capita violent crimes, per capita murders, and voter outcomes of nearly 3,000 counties, parishes, independent cities and districts. The results made me laugh for nearly ten minutes.

Liberal Progressivism and Daily Life

Liberal-Progressives are surrounded by their own violence and a 24 hour news cycle. They do not understand that 85% of American communities simply are not like that.

Every one of these cities are institutions of liberal progressive ideologies and policies. THEY TALK THE TALK AND WALK THE WALK. THEY ARE CLINTON’S AMERICA. Chicago, 75% lib-prog, Baltimore 85%, New Orleans 81%, Brooklyn 80%, Cincinnati 53%, Detroit 67%, Indianapolis 59%, Philidelphia 82%, Pittsburgh 56%, & Saint Louis 80%.

The Methodology:
The 2016 Presidential Election cleanly divided America into a red half and a blue half.
American states are divided into over three thousand unique communities with their own unique socioeconomic identities. For example, while the rest of America sees the state of Oregon as a reliable liberal progressive state, once you leave Portland, the rest of the state is fairly conservative. Lots of farming, hunting, fishing and guns. Portland may make the liberal laws and elect the liberal politicians, but most of Oregon is some shade of red. Every state is like this… a complex society filled with diverse communities. If we treat each community as an individual personality, we can start to assess the effectiveness of each community in reducing violence in their local culture, and possibly apply those lessons to American cultures that are failing… like Dan Evon’s home city of Chicago.
For many years the Federal Government has requested all states to complete a Uniform Crime Report for the FBI so that crime trends can be studied. These reports are supposed to be a public resource. Some states, like Texas, do a stellar job, some states, like Mississippi and North Carolina, do such a poor job the data is useless, and some states, like Colorado, make you work for it. For the most part, I used 2016 data, but a few states were a year behind and I had to use their 2015 reports. Alaska, due to its remote location and dispersed population, is treated as a single data point rather than trying to break into several communities.
In the end, I broke down over 2900 communities in 47 states plus Washington D.C. For each community, I tabulated it as either RED, or BLUE, % votes for Trump, % votes for Clinton, overall violence rate per 100,000 in population, total murders, murder rate per 100,000, average murders per community classification, and compared those numbers to America’s overall per capita rates.

Liberal Progressivism and Homicide

There are fifteen American communities, the bastion’s of America’s Progressive philosophies, that uniformly voted for Hillary Clinton and everything she represents. It is no surprise their cities are Hell on earth. There are seventy-six American communities that uniformly rejected Hillary Clinton. These counties represent 554,000 right-wing, conservative Americans and only 20 murders.

Here are the results:

  • The 438 communities that supported Hillary Clinton victimized themselves to the tune of 10,390 murders and a violent crime rate of 373.8 per 100,000 in population.
  • The 2,483 communities that supported Donald Trump had only 5,146 murders and a violent crime rate of 219.4 per 100,000 in population.
  • The 694,000 citizens of Washington D.C., America’s most liberal community, has 139 murders in 2016.
  • The most conservative 76 counties in America, spread over 15 states, representing about 554,000 of America’s most conservative citizens, had only 20 murders in 2016.
  • The median murder rate for U.S. counties is 0 (yes, zero). Over half of American counties, simply did not have a single homicide in 2016. Baltimore’s murder rate is 54 per 100,000.
  • The median for total murders per county for U.S. counties is also 0. Los Angeles had 622.
  • The median violent crime rate in the U.S. is approximately 203 per 100,000 in population. St. Louis, MO is 1703 per 100,000.
  • The median violent crime rate in counties that supported Trump is 181 per 100,000.
  • The median violent crime rate in counties that supported Clinton is 322 per 100,000.
  • The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nik Cruz, is a product of progressive thinkers.

Sorry, Mr. Evon, you just laid an egg. I. D. 10. T. What other FACTS have you been FAKING?

Once Liberal-Progressives come to power in city politics, make laws, enact policies and take over the local school systems, their world goes to hell.

But Why Are Liberal Do-gooders Prone to Violence?
Maybe it is a lack faith in a higher authority. Maybe it is a belief that the end justifies the means. Maybe it is a lack of respect for law enforcement and the rule of law in general. Maybe it is a belief that entitlements and income redistribution will save the world. Maybe it is their cultural inability to judge right from wrong, good from bad, and sick from healthy. Maybe it is their permissive attitudes tolerating, even teaching, bad behavior. I can only guess what the defining philosophical traits will be in the end. Someone else can open that can of worms.

Oregonian Journalist, Maxine Bernstein, Intentionally Misleads Readers in Racially Biased, Anti-gun Article

Oregonian journalist, Maxine Bernstein, is a crafty fabricator, and I cannot help but believe her editor, Peter Bhatia, knows it. Yet Bhatia still placed Bernstein’s anti-gun, white-male-hating article, Identifying, Preventing the Growth of a Killer, on the front page of the December 12, 2013 edition of The Oregonian like an enormous weeping boil. By using great care to game her facts and statistics, Bernstein soundly blames America’s culture of manly, competitive self-sufficiency for our high murder and suicide rates as well as all of our gun violence. Except pretty much everything she wrote is wrong. I am here to set the record straight.

Of the five most populated nations on Earth, only China has a combined violent death/suicide rate lower than America's

Of the five most populated nations on Earth, only China has a combined violent death/suicide rate lower (barely) than America’s

Guns Cause Suicides? Really?

First off, do not believe Maxine B when she implies that America’s plethora of privately owned firearms lead to a huge increase in suicides and violent deaths. She is lying like a bad toupee. For instance, she says that Americans shoot each other at least seven times more than the good citizens from India shoot each other. That is because Indians, for the most part, are not allowed to own guns. What Classy Maxie forgot to mention is that the combined rate of suicide and violent death in India is more than 40% higher than America’s, and combined rate of France is only a scant 10% lower than the U.S. rate. About 639 Indians commit suicide every day, mostly by hanging. The same goes for the French – despite owning more than 30 guns per 100 citizens, the French still prefer to hang themselves. The bottom line is the global average of 175 countries for suicide is about 9.5 per 100,000 in population, and America’s suicide rate is about 10.4 per 100,000 in population. There is absolutely no global correlation between increased rates of gun ownership and increase rates of suicide. However, there is a direct correlation between decreasing rates of lawful gun ownership and increasing rates of violent deaths.

While global suicide rates remain statistically flat as lawful gun ownership rates drop, the risk of a violent death increases for the average disarmed society

While global suicide rates remain statistically flat as lawful gun ownership rates drop, the risk of a violent death increases substantially  for the average, disarmed society

The White Man Does Bad Again

Next good ol’ Maxibad makes the claim that violence be Whitey’s fault. “Between 1982 and 2001, for example, white men were responsible for all but two of the mass shootings inside middle schools and high schools.” Nice try, chicken, but let’s go again. The FBI definition for a mass shooting (or mass event) is four or more injuries in one event. Between 1980 and 2013 there were 37 mass school shootings and 1 mass bombing that occurred at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, involving approximately 41 perpetrators. Only 25 were white males. Let’s break that down for Mizz Bernstein.

  • 9% of America’s criminals are women. 7% of the mass event perps were women.
  • 12.6% of America’s population is African-American. About 19% of the mass event perps were black.
  • 4.8% of America’s population is Asian. 10% of the mass event perps were Asian.
  • 0.9% of America’s population is native. One mass event perp was Native American.
  • 16.4% of America’s population is Hispanic. One mass event perp was Hispanic.
  • 0.8% of America’s population is Muslim. One mass event perp was Persian.
  • 72.4% of America’s population is white. 61% of the perps be Whitey.

The single most common thread tying most of the killers together is their collective history of mental illness, not their “whiteness.” About 40 years ago or so, progressives like Maxine Bernstein (and her expert, PSU psych-guy, Eric Mankowski, dare I say) decided to take the mentally ill out of the institutions and put them on the street. Crazy people wandering loose do crazy things and today, thanks to left-wing progressives, it is almost impossible to put them in an institution until it is way too late. As for providing quality psych services for the at-risk population, that ain’t gonna happen, either. About half of all psychiatrists refuse to accept patients on medicare or medicaid. That, not lawfully owned firearms, equals dead educators and dead students.

Testosterone – Fact or Fiction

Last, for some reason Maxine B wants to imply that men being aggressive is something new and dangerous, and society needs to reprogram (prenatally, no less – Gattaca anyone?) its young men to be… well… to be women. Men just need to cry more and strive less, I guess. Men would never be competitive or self-sufficient unless society taught them so. Yes, that is right, folks, testosterone is not a ubiquitous endogenous male hormone, rather it is a taught behavior. Darwin had it all wrong, don’t ya know. Before guns existed men only wore pastels, always played nice and took turns being king. Before guns existed, the world was not a vicious place where men hacked each other to bits with swords, burned villages and raped women. Really Maxine? What history have you been reading? Holy shit! The fact is, in the real world the rate of violence has been declining for centuries. Too bad the left-wingers are creating such a vast fiction. I suppose just about now the U.S. Secret Service is labeling me a threat because I strive for success and self-sufficiency rather than relying on the nanny state for everything while crying myself to sleep every night.

Fish In A Barrel – With a Bullseye

All this makes me wonder what is wrong inside Maxine Bernstein’s head? What is wrong with her editor, Peter Bhatia? The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States no more sanctions obfuscation, disinformation and lies than the Second Amendment sanctions murder. Yet, while murderers go to prison, journalists like Maxine B hide within the folds of the First Amendment cloak so they can lie with utter impunity and call it journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, no single psychological profile or set of warning signs can reliably predict which journalists will undermine the Constitution of the United States or be the next mass fabricator. Simply put, it is a buyer-beware industry. Journalists write, but it is the citizen’s responsibility to fact-check, not Peter Bhatia’s. Oh, and a message to Maxine – Honesty earns respect.