The Billy Graham Rule

The left hates Mike Pence. Why? Because he and his wife are real Christians. The BBC hates the Vice-President and his wife. Fake Catholic, Fredo Cuomo, in the truest form of Mario Puzo’s mob Catholicism, hates the Pences. They live the life Fredo pretends only on Ash Wednesday. Why? Well, for starters, Vice President Pence refuses to spend time alone with women who are not his wife. The left always hates it when anyone sets a good moral example for the rest of society. In their willfully evil critique of real Christians of good will, the globalist left reveals their total lack of moral compass.

Cuomo’s faith is between him and God, but his professional and private conduct seem to fly in the face of the teaching of the Church.

My wife and I have been faithful companions since 1986, married 31 years. No separations. No divorce. Why? The Billy Graham rule. Never be alone with a woman (or a man if you are the woman of the marriage) who is not your spouse. Period. Break the rule, and you may just destroy the best thing in your life. You may wound your children, your parents and all your extended family. Nearly every divorce or separation I have been near has involved infidelity. So why do leftists mock Christians who actually live by the Billy Graham rule? They hate obvious solutions.