Oregon’s Democratic Congressmen Attempt to Deny all of America the Benefit of the Rule of Law

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s number one priority, according to his website, is fixing a broken government. The ordinary citizen believes a government that ignores the Constitution and the Rule of Law in general, is a broken government. We believe that a government beholden to special interests, PACs and large corporations is a broken government. We believe a government that is no longer subject to a controlling legal authority, one where the balance of power is dead, is a broken government. Naturally, when Blumenauer states his number one priority is to fix a broken government, his constituency believes these are the problems he wants to fix… a broken government from our point of view. Unfortunately, all the things ordinary folk believe are broken in government, Earl Blumenauer believes are solutions. His view is a backwards, negative image where black is white. Blumenauer believes that the Rule of Law is what has broken the government, not the other way around. To Blumenauer, getting the Constitution and The Rule of Law out of the way of the government’s agenda is paramount. To fix all of societies ills, the government’s power must be unrestrained.

On May 7, 2014, Oregon’s Democratic congressmen, Earl Blumenauer, Susan Bonamici, Peter DeFazio, and Kurt Schrader, all voted against HR574, the bill that found Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about her role in the IRS’s illegal, unconstitutional targeting of America’s political conservatives. On the same day these same four Oregon congressmen voted against HR565, the bill that calls Attorney General, Eric Holder, to appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS on this issue. These two votes are an overt stand against Constitutional Free Speech and Freedom of Association, and place all four Oregon Democratic congressmen in violation of their oaths of office. I will give each of them the benefit of the doubt, and say they voted their conscience instead of playing partisan politics against their better judgment. Unfortunately for them, this means they all believe the end justifies the means. They believe it is okay for any government agency to violate the rights of any citizen as long as it serves their agenda. They just cut a swath through the law to protect their designs for society. All four believe they know better than, and are above the Rule of Law. All four should resign. Oregonians need to vote all four out of office. Luckily for these particular congressmen they are from Oregon, a state dominated by citizens and political leaders who favor expediency and cronyism over the Rule of Law. If Oregonians do not vote them out of office, and they will not, we will have only ourselves to blame when Earl Blumenauer finally fixes America’s “broken government” and The Law no longer shields the citizens from the whims of their leaders.