About the author

I have a B.S. in pharmacy from Oregon State University and am a full-time retail pharmacist and part-time writer. While I find pharmacy to be rather unpleasant most of the time, sort of like being a line cook at Denny’s, it pays the bills and allows me to take care of my family and, with the little time remaining, tend to my writing. At least I don’t smell like a deep fat fryer at the end of the day.

2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. This is your very, very distant cousin, Bob McLean, who posted the letter from Harriet Gabourel. I have just started reading your book and, of course, went straight to the pages about Lachlan and Sara. If you would like further details about them, I’d be happy to share. Send me your contact information to my email, bmclean@remservices.biz. I look forward to reading the remainder of your book.

  2. So pleased you have this website.. And am still keeping my eyes peeled on those Gabourels!

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