“Off With Their Heads!” The BBC Refuses to Fact-Check America’s Queen of Hearts, Nancy Pelosi

The truth is Nancy Pelosi behaves more like Marie Antoinette than any other American politician. Off with their heads!

Nancy Pelosi is as vicious and vitriolic a politician as I have ever seen. She spews hateful rhetoric every day and does everything within her power to criticize and obstruct President Trump at the expense of the American people. She used a national crisis to leverage an obscene amount of porkbarrel spending into Covid stimulus bill, even though our national debt is beyond the comprehension of most people.

She shamefully impeached President Trump, but not for colluding with Russia because all the evidence pointed toward Hillary Clinton colluding with Russia and paying for the Fake Steele Dossier upon which Pelosi based her impeachment proceeding.

She impeached the President, but not for any activity in Ukraine because all the evidence, including a publicly recorded confession, pointed toward then Vice President Joe Biden withholding a billion dollars in Ukraine aid to force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into corruption at Burisma Holdings and his son, Hunter. In fact, the BBNPC has steadfastly refused to use their vast investigational power to dig into the Biden family’s corruption at any level.

The BBC has not fact-checked Joe Biden in over a decade.

Instead, Nancy Pelosi and her evil minions like Adam Schiff, impeached President Trump because he refused to cooperate with her fake Russia investigation and her fake Ukraine investigation, even though his lack of cooperation was perfectly legal. Only the Supreme Court can decide if the executive branch must comply with legislative subpoenas, which would require the legislative branch to file suit, which Nancy Pelosi refused to do, knowing that she would lose.

The BBNPC has never fact-checked Nancy Pelosi. It is against their preferred narrative because they are Fake News.

You will not find a sniff of these basic truths on the BBNPC’s website. In fact, while the BBNPC vilifies President Trump and conservative American politicians on a daily basis, I could not find a single article that portrayed Nancy Pelosi in a negative light. She is corrupt, irrational, and her rhetoric is factually challenged. While the BBNPC fact-checks President Trump on a daily basis, they have never fact-checked the Speaker of the House. Why? BECAUSE THE BBNPC HAS A BIASED NARRATIVE THEY WILL NEVER DEVIATE FROM. The NPCs at the BBC are driven by a leftist agenda. Anthony Zurcher is not a journalist. He, and the rest of the BBNPC, is Fake News.

I am calling bullshit here. You cannot trust the BBC

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