The Single Silver Lining of Covid-19, the Virus China Unleashed Against Earth

Right now, as most of you, I am sitting in my house on orders by Government. Luckily, I am considered ‘Essential’ so am still employed, but I wear a germ filter mask at work. I maintain social distancing and have not gone to church in two months, all in hopes that Covid-19 will first wax, then wane as the virus’s ability to use human beings as a vector of infection diminishes.

Understand, in the world of infectious disease, we the people, homo sapiens, are our own primary vector of transmission. Ticks and mosquitos are only a tiny slice of the disease pie. We infect ourselves. Influenza, the common cold, HIV, HPV, herpes, MRSA, hepatitis and a whole host of other viral and bacterial infections are gifts from us to us. We cough, we shit, we have sex, and that transmits disease.

Not only will taking a month or two of social distancing and remaining cooped up in our homes blunt Covid-19, flattening the curve, it will also hughly restrain many other vector-man infectious diseases… at least for a short time. I am not going to get a cold in the next few months simply because everyone with a cold has been in isolation long enough to end their infectious period. If it works for Covid, it will work for a lot of other human-born pathogens. To borrow from former presidential candidate and avowed communist, Bernie Sanders, that’s a good thing.

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