The Chinese Virus, COVID-19, Exposes the Dangers Inherent in the Democrat Party’s Pursuit of Socialism

From the ever-present obsession of America’s leftists with nationalized healthcare to the insanity of the Green New Deal, the COVID-19 national shutdown is giving Americans a bitter taste of where Joe Biden’s handlers want to lead every man, woman, and child. Socialism. From France to Venezuela, socialism usually leads to unemployment, poverty and ultimately national failure.

The Democrat, Progressive Left will have Americans marching to Hell double-time if they win in the 2020 election.

No matter where you are, people like spending money. We love to give and get gifts, we love being entertained, and we love good food… in sum everyone loves some sort of bling. It does not have to be jewelry. All bling has to do is remove austerity from your life. I know a lot of people who (annoyingly) cry poverty, yet always have money for Starbucks. It is nice to have earned an extra $5 in your pocket that you do not absolutely need to survive, so you can exchange it for something that makes you feel good.

The communist/socialist versus capitalist debate is all about who spends money with more justice and wisdom, individuals or government. The socialized government takes from the productive folks in society and redistributes wealth where government sees fit, often to wealthy friends, pet causes, or for quid-pro-quos. This kind of income redistribution is managed by a handful of politicians and bureaucrats and is too often not the way citizens want their money spent. Socialism places a yoke of servitude on industrious, hard-working people with burdensome taxes and regulations, while enabling citizens with a questionable work ethic to always walk downhill. This system leads to a hopeless sort of lethargy in the general population, stymying innovation and economic energy. It is demoralizing to work hard then watch all your productivity disappear behind the curtain of bureaucracy. This is why France’s unemployment rate has not dropped below 7% in over thirty years, and why their median household income is only 71% of America’s.

The capitalist, free-market system, allows people to spend their wealth the way they see fit. You work, earn, and then spend your money purchasing goods and services from others, who then are able to work, earn and spend. Some citizens want high quality for a high price, while some accept lower quality for a lower price. Almost everyone is a bargain hunter, and in a diverse culture of 300 million spenders, one man’s garbage is often another man’s treasure. Everyone has different spending priorities, so a plethora of industries spring up, employing a vastly diverse population of characters. If you are stupid enough to tattoo the Nazi German Eagle on your forehead, there is likely an ink parlor that will employ you IF you have the skills. If you don’t have the skills, then you suffer the consequences of what you did to yourself. The point is discretionary spending, the heart and soul of capitalism, creates diverse industries. The cruise industry is utterly useless, yet it exists because a lot of people love wasting money on cruises. The same goes for professional athletics, restaurants, vacation resorts, the arts, and any number of industries that require a diverse population with diverse interests… and money to spend.

Now, thanks to Chinese misinformation about the coronavirus they unleashed on the world along with ineptness at the World Health Organization, America is in lockdown. Non-essential businesses have been shut down. These are the very places that capitalist Americans love to spend their money on their particular idea of bling. That dumb-ass with the Nazi Eagle tatted on his forehead? He is out of work. That means he is not earning. That means he is not spending. The trillions of dollars the Government is spending to stimulate the economy during the Covid Crisis is all borrowed money the Treasury has no way of paying back without raising taxes and going through a period of rampant inflation. And guess what? A lot of the stimulus money is going to disappear into the pockets of invisible elites. Covid-19 is giving America a taste of what the progressive-left leaders in the Democrat party have in store for us if they get their way. We are no longer slouching toward Gomorrah, we are on the cusp of a forced march into political darkness. Think about that when you vote this fall. There is not a single Democrat politician at the federal level that deserves reelection. If you are a staunch liberal, you need to primary this pack of morally bankrupt Dems. If you are undecided, for God’s sake, consider voting for someone who is morally and socially conservative.

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