BBC Accuses Trump Admin of Delayed Action

Earlier action from China and the WHO would have save lives all over the planet.

This BBC hit piece does not mention China or the World Health Organization once, yet mentions Trump three times. If China had been forthcoming with information and the World Health Organization not been run by an ignorant sycophant, earlier action on a global basis would have definitely saved lives. The BBC’s 20/20 hindsight article quoting Dr. Fauci is disingenuous at best. Agenda driven, absolutely. Accusing the Trump administration of failing to act in a timely fashion, when in fact President Trump flew in the face of all advice from China, the WHO, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden and all the globe’s leftist ilk, and initiated a travel ban in January, is nothing but morally corrupt bias. This travel ban, and the subsequent decisions from the White House, have saved countless lives. Even Dr. Fauci admitted that any delay on President Trump’s part was due to delays in the information pipeline. As soon as Dr. Fauci advised restrictions, the President acted immediately. Do you hear that you BBC leftist douchebags, IMMEDIATELY!

Fauci himself is starting to have serious credibility problems. He loves being the center of attention and can’t stop talking. Fauci lacks a filter and Fake News journalists are taking advantage. Between January and April he predicted, through no fault of his own, between 100,000 and 200,000 American deaths. Globally, during that time period, reported Covid deaths have barely topped 100,000 and US deaths are just over 22,000, less than the 2019-20 flu season. It could have so much worse. Considering all of the early misinformation coming out of Communist China and the WHO, the US response at a state and federal level has been timely and strong, and this highly contagious virus has been slowed to a crawl. That is a hell of a good job and that is what Anthony Fauci should be preaching and what the shitheels at the BBC should be reporting. Instead, they play politics because they hate Trump. I would say that the British people should rise up against the Barely British Corp, but Americans have yet to call PBS and NPR to account, and I am not a hypocrite… unlike every fuck who works for the BBC.

I am calling bullshit here. You cannot trust the BBC

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