Dear BBC, the Terms ‘Illegal’, ‘Undocumented’, and ‘Irregular’, Are Not Synonyms

Will Somebody Please Get the Barely British Corporation a Dictionary of the English Language?

British immigration laws are strict AND enforced. As the UK is made up entirely of islands, they have the luxury of no existing land border, let alone a two thousand mile border with a corrupt, lawless nation controlled by drug cartels supported by Communist China. This combination makes the UK a less desirable and less accessible destination for immigrants who do not have permission to enter the kingdom. Whether the Brits refer to illegal aliens as undocumented immigrants, irregular citizens or developmentally different citizens, they defend their borders far more strictly than the United States. As for America, instead of having the world’s biggest moat, our southern border has only a trickle of water called the Rio Grande. Calling out the United States in a time of a global pandemic just because the BBC has a leftist anti-Trump bent is hypocritical.

The BBC claims people who break America’s laws are merely ‘developmentally different’

While the BBC finds time to write inflammatory, negative articles regarding America’s (meaning President Trump’s) immigration policies, they have a long history ‘unbiased’ reporting about UK immigration. They take a light hand on their home turf. On July 13, 2018, BBC journalist, Jennifer Scott, wrote an article claiming President Trump kept immigrant children in cages. This outright lie was repeated over and over in the Fake News to lather up British hatred for the President. In reality, it was President Obama’s policies that caged children and it was President Trump who put a stop to it. The BBC hates President Trump so much, they never corrected the claim made in Scott’s article.

On March 16th, 2020, BBC journalist, Helier Cheung, wrote a negative piece questioning whether or not the US could catch up on Covid testing. Less than four weeks later Trump’s America has administered well over one million tests, more than four times what the U.K. could muster. Did the BBC give Trump credit for such a Herculean response to a dire situation? No, because they hate America’s president.

As of today, approximately 1 in 1000 UK citizens have tested positive for the Chinese virus, Covid-19. Illegal immigrants make up right around 1 in 100 of the United Kingdom’s population. In America approximately 1.5 in 1000 people have tested positive for Covid-19. Illegal immigrants make up more than 6 in 100 of America’s population. Seeing as how America’s numbers are direr than the UK’s, combined with a defensively difficult border with a country that traditionally encourages illegal aliens and drug cartels to violate our laws, President Trump is right to enforce our laws and expel citizens of other countries that have no right to step on American soil. Illegal aliens, who often use innocent children as shields when they attempt to cross America’s southern border, are not ‘developmentally different’ as the BBC would have their readers believe. They are putting lives at risk and breaking the law.

I am calling bullshit here. You cannot trust the BBC

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