BBC Mocks American Pastor’s Death

Leftist BBC implies karmic justice in this mean-spirited headline

It is time to start calling out the leftist, tabloid rag, BBC News. On a daily basis their writers and editors mock, belittle and outright lie about American conservatives and Christians. Here is a prime example. A good man, a Christian pastor, with a beautiful family, who tragically dies from Covid-19. While his family is grieving and coping with the loss of their father and husband, the sanctimonious, progtards at the BBC could not help but take a shot at the man. In a compulsive fit, BBC writer Aleem Maqbool could not stop himself from making barbed comments about Pastor Spradlin as well as taking a shot at President Trump.

‘Even as he was sick, he posted on social media about “hysteria” surrounding the virus.

On the 13th of March Pastor Spradlin shared on Facebook a misleading post comparing swine flu and coronavirus deaths.

It suggested that Barack Obama and Donald Trump respectively had been treated very differently by the media and that it was a politically motivated ploy to harm President Trump.

Earlier the very same day, the president himself had insinuated something very similar at a news conference.’

It was a cruel ‘gotcha’ article and it made the BBC’s front page for a day. It served no newsworthy purpose except to imply Pastor Spradlin got what he deserved. I have had enough of this leftist, progressive shit.

I am calling bullshit here. You cannot trust the BBC

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