Socialism, Capitalism, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team

Without a doubt, I believe the preponderance of the US Women’s national soccer team are registered Democrats who dislike President Trump. That really tickles me.

Soccer is a European dominated sport. Europe is a socialist dominated continent. American leftists and progressives are constantly holding up various European countries as poster-children for modeling a rebirth of America in an image other than what our Constitution prescribes. Governments in Europe more actively redistribute wealth than the U.S. government, taking money from those who can and giving it to those who cannot. Europeans’ rights are far more restricted than Americans’. That is what the Clintons, the Obamas, and the entire squadron of Democrat presidential hopefuls want for America. Fewer liberties, fewer rights, income redistribution, and excessive government intrusion. That is what most of the US Women’s soccer team votes for in every election. That really tickles me.

The US Women’s national soccer team is just about the most dominant sports dynasty in the history of modern athletics. Since 1990, they have dominated the World Cup, winning more games with fewer opportunities than any team on the men’s side of the game. Not Germany. Not Brazil. They have three championships going into the 2019 tournament, and have never finished worse than third place in nearly three decades of play. They are America’s team like no other team in our nation’s history… and they are a financial juggernaut.

Here is where these girls’ socialist ideologies come to a grinding halt. America’s men’s side of soccer is abysmal. They couldn’t boot their way out of a wet paper sack. They rarely qualify for World Cup play and, when they qualify, wins are few and far between. American parents have been throwing billions at American youth soccer clubs for decades with no result. America’s MLS is nothing more than a last hurrah for aging European stars who no longer can compete at the Premier level of the sport. If it were not for a socialist-like income redistribution, the US Men’s national team would likely have to rely charity and bake sales to fund their lackluster product.

And that is really pissing the US Women’s team off. They are the ones WHO CAN. The men’s side are the ones WHO CANNOT. US Soccer has been, for decades, redistributing the wealth of the women’s side. From each according to their ability to each according to their need. It is a microcosm of the very concept behind socialism and communism. It is the stark reality of the inherent corruption of leftist-progressive governments, where government picks the winners and the losers. The governing body of US Soccer is taking the hard earned money from the women’s side, essentially impoverishing players who would otherwise be in America’s top 5% of income earners, so the men’s side can afford rich men’s lives. Big Brother knows best, right?

Socialism and income redistribution sound great when it is done with someone else’s money, but it is not so wonderful when you are the rich person being robbed by your governing body. This is the reality of the US Women’s national team. So they flexed their new-found capitalist, conservative muscles and filed suit against US Soccer March of 2019. That really tickles me, because in the 2020 election, you can bet your bottom dollar that these young millennials will vote for a socialist.

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