Boston University Cringes as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Talks Economics

When I was at university, I knew two fundamental kinds of students. Students who would memorize and regurgitate on an exam, but lacked the ability to comprehend and apply what they learned. They could get really good grades, but never digested the knowledge. Other students, instead of disgorging their knowledge all over their exams, would actually digest what they learned and apply it first to their exams, and then to the rest of their lives.

AOC graduated with honors from Boston University in 2011 with a degree in economics. One of the first economic fundamentals AOC learned in her freshman economics classes was the fundamentals of Marginal Utility. Marginal Utility is the economics of supply and demand. It is why diamonds are expensive and dirt is cheap, even though dirt is more useful. As the supply of a product goes up, its value falls. As the demand for a product rises, its value rises. There is a sweet spot between supply and demand where prices settle in a capitalist society. That sweet spot is always in flux and can range from opportunistic price gouging to liquidating fire-sales. It is the difference between fresh bread, hot from the oven, week-old stale bread, and how many hungry people stand outside the bakery. AOC learned this at BU, spit it up all over her exams, got good marks, then promptly erased it from her memory. She never digested it. Never applied it in real life. And now that she has a bully pulpit in the House of Representatives, every idea that spews from her mouth is contrary to everything she learned at BU, making the university a butt of a lot of jokes.

In 2011, Boston University bestowed on Alexandria Ocasional Cortex a degree in economics WITH HONORS!

On April 1st, AOC tweeted the ultimate April’s Fool joke on herself. She was hungry. She was at the airport. Due to the economics of marginal utility, food at the airport comes a premium price. For the price of a good sandwich at Subway, all she could find to eat was a $7.00 croissant. A lousy piece of bread. Rather understanding the relationship between supply and demand, and being grateful someone thought to sell food at the airport, she rants about how America needs to double the minimum wage, as though that will not raise the price of her airport croissant to $9. Which she will pay or go hungry.

When you are thirsty, you will pay a lot for the first beer, but when your thirst is quenched and you are drunk, the last beer is not worth nearly as much.

Every stand AOC is taking as an American leader is counter to everything Boston University taught her. Either that, or BU should lose their accreditation because they failed to teach this impressionable little Social Justice Warrior anything about the real world. They sure did not teach her any language skills, like.. I think… you know.

Here is a list of classes AOC passed with honors from Boston University.

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