Hillary Clinton Is So Bad, Not Even the Clintons Voted For Her!

Hillary Clinton, the long-suffering loser of the 2008 presidential primary and the 2016 presidential election cannot bring herself to stop campaigning. She recently published a new book, What Happened, where she dishes out blame for her failed candidacy. More fake news, I am afraid. Clinton lost because she is the worst Democratic candidate the party has put forth in my lifetime. For Pete’s sake, Donald Trump beat her! If that is not an indictment of her lack of moral character and ability to lead the greatest nation on Earth, I do not know what is. She lost because of who she is. There is no where else to lay the blame.

Hillary Clinton received less than 50% of the vote in about 87% of American counties. There are several counties in Idaho, Utah and Texas where she actually finished third in the voting, behind the likes of Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin. Of all that, the funniest indictment of Clinton’s character is her failure to garner a majority in any of America’s nine Clinton Counties. Too damn funny!

Clinton County, NY, 52.6% of voters picked someone else, anyone else.
Clinton County, IA, 55.3% of voters said “No way!” to Hillary.
Clinton County, MI, 59.3% of voters rejected her.
Clinton County, PA, 69.5% could not stomach the idea of Hillary as President.
Clinton County, MO, 74.8% pulled the lever for someone else.
Clinton County, IN, 71.7% of voters thought Donald Trump was a better candidate.
Clinton County, IL, Trump thumped Clinton 71.8% to 22.8%.
Clinton County, OH, Trump garnered 74.4% of the vote.
Clinton County, KY, only 12.3% of the voters thought Hillary would be better for America than Donald Trump. Ouch!

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