The Definition of Hard Work

Do you want to know why President Trump is so successful? It is not his flamboyant character, nor is it being born into a wealthy family. President Trump is successful because the man has an incredible work ethic. Not only does he work smart, he works hard… all… the… time! I wrestled in high school. Wrestlers can be lazy on their own time, but there is no such thing as a lazy wrestler. We call lazy wrestlers quitters. They quit the team because they do not like hard work. Like Yoda said, “There is no try. There is only do, or do not.” Wrestlers do, quitters do not.

My wrestling career did not start out that well. As a freshman I was a lazy, half-effort sort of kid. I got pinned every time I stepped on the mat. In the middle of the season my coaches got really tired of my attitude and pulled me aside. They told me straight up, I needed to decide whether or not I wanted to be in that room, on that team. The door was right there, and I was free to quit. Or commit. It was the first adult decision of my life.

You have to understand, especially those of you in the millennial generation, that real world does not care about you, nor is the real world interested in persecuting you. The real world’s only interest is what you bring to the table. Ultimately it is a barter system. If you are lazy, the world will reward you with the lazy man’s share. If you are always a day late, a dollar short, in need a proper haircut, and constantly giving society the middle finger, you have little to offer, and the world will compensate you accordingly. If you are always on time, presentable, and bust your ass getting the job done, you chances of success are much higher.

In that moment when my coaches pulled me aside, I decided to commit. I toughened up and worked harder. In return my coaches committed to me. An awful lot of my teammates chose to quit. About 75%, in fact. Only seven wrestlers from my freshman class gutted out all four years. Our senior year, collectively we won over 150 matches and a league championship. It was the definition of hard work and its rewards.

I took the work ethic I learned in those years and I applied it to college and pharmacy school. I applied it to my marriage and raising my children. I applied it to every job I have ever worked. Sadly, today, there are a lot of people who simply do not know what hard work is. They have never experienced it, and when the opportunity for hard work appears, they are blinded by it like a deer in the headlights. They find the concept of hard work paralyzing. They close their eyes and cover their ears and pray that it is simply a hallucination that will vanish after a count of ten. These people will ultimately get left behind as life goes on. Things like owning a home and retiring in something other than poverty will forever be beyond their reach.

You know who I am talking about. The person at your job who makes you work twice as hard because they are stuck in perpetual first gear. The person who won Olympic bronze for the 100 yard mosey. The person who spends an hour in the bathroom every day avoiding hard work. The person who shows up late and calls in sick and whines about needing a “safe place.” The person who makes themselves scarce when it is time to break a sweat. The person who is all talk and little do. While they are not funny in the moment, in the long run, the joke is on them. Trust me.

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