Abdulrahman al-Rashed: Muslim Communities Must Disown Muslim Extremism – Al Arabiya News

Murdoch: Muslims bear responsibility for terrorism – Al Arabiya News.

Abdulrahman al-Rashed’s comparison of Muslim extremism to Nazi extremism is an “elephant in the room” observation. Western society’s modern attempts at diplomacy with and appeasement of radicalized Islam are overtly Chamberlainesque. I believe al-Rashed when he says that if a peaceful solution is to be found, it must come from within Islam itself. I believe him when he says that radical Islam is creating an entire generation of global citizens born and bred hating all Islam. Citizens who currently despise the radicals because the radicals rape, pillage, plunder and murder in the name of God, are coming to despise peaceful Islam for turning a blind eye. I believe him when he says that, if Islam cannot exhibit self-control, the global answer will eventually be a real war, making  the minor skirmishes of the past three decades mere footnotes in history. God help us all if “Islam versus the World” becomes our World War III, but mostly God help Islam, because they will run out of bullets first.


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