Vote No On Oregon Measure 91: The Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act

*If this issue matters to you at all – please pass this on. Two weeks is hardly enough time to get the word out how dangerous Measure 91 really is*

It takes about 6 ounces of hard liquor or about 48 ounces of beer for the average person to blow 0.08 and equal the impairment of a single marijuana joint. That means a fifth of hard liquor is about equal to 1.5 gallons of beer is about equal to four joints. Oregon Measure 91 will  allow ANYONE age 21 and over to privately grow and possess the equivalent of 1000 joints (16 ounces) of marijuana products at any one time. That is a rough equivalent to 375 gallons of beer or 250 fifths of hard liquor. In Oregon, it is illegal to produce a drop of hard liquor without a license. Period. The maximum amount of unlicensed, home-brewed beer you can possess is 100 gallons, the intoxication equivalent of about 250 joints, except you can’t fit the beer in your coat pocket and hang out near the school yard. This single disparity makes clear the mindset and real intent of the authors and supporters of Measure 91. They want as many people as possible to smoke as much pot as possible, the rest of society be damned.

The Consequences of Passing Measure 91

  • Unlicensed Possession No Longer a Crime: Not only will any adult be able to lawfully grow and possess enough marijuana to bake the entire Gladstone High School student body, ORS 475.864 clearly states a minor who possess up to 60 joints (1 ounce) of marijuana will only be subject to a non-criminal fine of $650. Compare that to ORS 471.430, Oregon’s “minor in possession of alcohol” statute where a minor drinking a lone can of Bud Light can be criminally cited and fined, or be required to do community service. Remember, 60 joints is equal to about 15 fifths of vodka.
  • Impaired Drivers Not Subject to Criminal Prosecution: Section 7:3 and 7:4 do not require the OLCC to create impairment standards until 2017. That means we will have two years without meaningful intoxicated driver rules. Marijuana users are already 9X more likely to die behind the wheel than alcohol users, so buckle-up for a rough two years as gorked pot-heads mow us down with impunity. Even if they are cited, Section 73:2 states it will only be a class B traffic violation… like a parking ticket. Try pulling that off if you blow 0.08!
  • Failure to Keep, or Destruction of, Production Records is Only a Class B Misdemeanor: Pharmacies have to keep their records for 10 years. According the Section 40 and Section 69, Marijuana producers are only required to keep their records for two years. If they do not keep those records, or alter or destroy those records, they are only subject to a Class B misdemeanor. Section 23 requires the OLCC to give any licensee 72 hours notice before examining their books, allowing them plenty of time to destroy their records if need be.
  • No Limits On, or Records of Purchasers or Purchases: Everywhere in the United States, to avoid mass purchasing and diversion to the illegal methamphetamine market, the selling pharmacy records the name of every person who purchases pseudoephedrine. Under Section 16 of Measure 91, there is no requirement to keep such records about marijuana purchasers or purchases. As a matter of fact, even though THC is a highly abused, impairing drug, Section 72 of the bill demands that marijuana no longer be considered a controlled substance.
  • OLCC is Mandated to Generate New Users: Only 5% of tax revenues actually go to drug abuse prevention programs, while Section 33:5:a mandates that the OLCC will maximize tax revenue generation. There is only one way to maximize revenues, and that is to generate new users. To maximize new users, Section 7:2:g gives the OLCC the authority to allow advertisements to promote consumption of marijuana.
  • Section 42 states that the State has exclusive rights to tax revenue: No city, county or other entity can levy any marijuana taxes.
  • The OLCC Cannot Deny Licenses to Known Criminals: Section 29:3:a clearly states that the OLCC cannot consider marijuana related convictions older than 5 years when issuing a license if it was a single transgression… no matter how bad it was. Period.
  • The OLCC and Other Agencies are Required to Violate Federal Law When it Conflicts with Measure 91 Language: Sections 10, 11 & 12 clearly state the OLCC and other agencies are required to violate federal law if it conflicts with measure 91, and no individual of an agency can be held liable for official acts. Also, the OLCC is not allowed to deny any marijuana license application based on a violation of federal law.
  • According to Section 58, Measure 91 will supercede all charters and ordinances that are inconsistent with the measure.
  • Section 54 states that the law enforcement can only issue a minor citation to pot-heads for smoking in public places.
  • Nowhere in the bill does it mention variations in potency or creating standards in THC content, or potency labeling requirements, as exists for producers of alcoholic beverages.
  • Nowhere in the bill does it require health warnings on packaging even though there is substantial clinical evidence marijuana is dangerous for pregnant women. Every single person in the Oregon General Election Voter’s Pamphlet who supports measure 91, supports omitting any and all health and safety warnings. Can you imagine nurses like Mark Jacklin, Maggi O’Brien, Pat Hughes, Rosemary Piser, and Davi Hawk actually wanting to deny safety information to pregnant women? What a shameful lot of healthcare providers.

Seriously, you better read this measure before you vote, because I can guarantee you, if Oregon voters pass this bill, innocent people are to get hit and killed by stoned drivers at rates never seen before. Your friends. Your family. Maybe you. It is already happening in Washington and Colorado.

8 thoughts on “Vote No On Oregon Measure 91: The Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act

  1. Brian Kelly says:

    Politicians who continue to demonize Marijuana, Corrupt Law Enforcement Officials who prefer to ruin peoples lives over Marijuana possession rather than solve real crimes who fund their departments toys and salaries with monies acquired through Marijuana home raids, seizures and forfeitures, and so-called “Addiction Specialists” who make their income off of the judicial misfortunes of our citizens who choose marijuana, – Your actions go against The Will of The People and Your Days Are Numbered! Find new careers before you don’t have one.

    The People have spoken! Get on-board with Marijuana Legalization Nationwide, or be left behind and find new careers. Your choice.

    Legalize Nationwide!

    • I am not sure what state, or country for that matter, “Brian Kelly” is from, but out here in Oregon the elected political establishment and “corrupt law enforcement officials” largely decriminalized recreational use of marijuana decades ago. Medical marijuana is completely legal in Oregon, and almost 70,000 Americans from all corners of the country have Oregon medical marijuana cards, including Willy Nelson. There are very few inmates in Oregon prisons and jails who are convicted solely on marijuana charges. I am not sure what sort of alternate dimension “Brian Kelly” lives in where there is rampant persecution of stoners, but it is not within driving distance of the left coast, that is for sure. This post, as well as “Brian Kelly’s” following rant firmly demonstrate how uneducated, and disconnected from reality drug addicts really are. “Brian Kelly” actually believes that if we simply legalize addictive drugs of abuse, their addictive properties and the consequences of their abuse will vanish and society will no longer need addiction healthcare services. In simple terms, so that “B Kelly” can understand, his argument is, “The best way to combat drug abuse is the increase drug abuse.” What a hoot!

  2. Brian Kelly says:

    In the prohibitionist’s world, anybody who consumes the slightest amount of marijuana responsibly in the privacy of their own homes are “stoners” and “dopers” that need to be incarcerated in order to to protect society.

    In their world, any marijuana use equates to marijuana abuse, and it is their God given duty to worry about “saving us all” from the “evils” of marijuana use.

    Who are they to tell us we can’t choose marijuana, the safer choice instead of alcohol for relaxation, after a long, hard day, in the privacy of our own homes?

    Here we have a classic ‘Straw Man’ fallacy. BK asserts that all prohibitionists are evil, religious zealots, therefore if I am against legalizing marijuana, I am evil. If I am evil, I have no right to tell BK what to do. Unfortunately his declaration of the nature of the ‘prohibitionist’s world’ is false, making his conclusion false.

    People who use marijuana are smart, honest, hard working, educated, and successful people too, who “follow the law” also.(except for their marijuana consumption under it’s current prohibition of course) .

    Not the stereotypical live at home losers prohibitionists make us out to be. We are doctors, lawyers, professors, movie stars, and politicians too.

    Several Presidents of The United States themselves, along with Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, and Carl Sagan have all confessed to their marijuana use. As have a long and extensive list of successful people throughout history at one point or other in their lives.

    BK states that people who smoke marijuana are “smart and honest” like Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Carl Sagan. Here he is using the occasional or experimental use of marijuana by famous people, none of whom were long-term, regular users of illegal drugs, to justify abusing marijuana on a regular basis. Anecdotes are not evidence, therefore this argument is false.

    Although, that doesn’t mean a damned thing to people who will make comments like “dopers” and “stoners” about anybody who uses the slightest amount of Marijuana although it is way safer than alcohol.

    To these people any use equals abuse, and that is really ignorant and full of hypocrisy. While our society promotes, glorifies, and advertises alcohol consumption like it’s an All American pastime.

    There is nothing worse about relaxing with a little marijuana after a long, hard day, than having a drink or two of alcohol.

    Marijuana is not “way safer than alcohol” therefore this argument is false. For instance, 225 million Americans drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, and about 34% of drivers who die behind the wheel in auto accidents test positive for alcohol. About 20 million Americans regularly use marijuana, and about 24% of drivers who die behind the wheel test positive for THC. Per capita, THC shows up 9X more than ethanol in deceased drivers. The pharmacokinetics of ethanol, its distribution and metabolism, and the fact that it is usually consumed at non-impairing doses, make it the “way safer” way to relax. Marijuana users never use a non-pairing dose of pot.

    So come off those high horses of yours. Who are you to dictate to the rest of society that we can’t enjoy Marijuana, the safer choice over alcohol, in the privacy of our own homes?

    We’ve worked real hard our whole lives to provide for our loved ones. We don’t appreciate prohibitionists trying to impose their will and morals upon us all.

    Has a marijuana user ever tried to force you to use it? Probably not. So nobody has the right to force us not to either.

    Is trying to combat narcotic abuse, amphetamine abuse, and BZD abuse a matter of morals or social health? BK is working from the stance that regular marijuana use is utterly harmless. Essentially, BK believes, in the face of all evidence, that marijuana does not affect spermatogenesis, female fertility rates, miscarriage rates, fetal development, pulmonary function, COPD, social motivation, and the ability to drive and operate heavy machinery, let alone that it is modestly addictive and has a defined withdrawal pattern. By the way, the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, worked all his life to provide for his loved ones. At least in his mind he did. Just because you “work hard” and “provide for loved ones” does not qualify you for a “get out jail free” card when you are stupid or break the law.

    Don’t try to impose your morality and “clean living” upon all of us with Draconian Marijuana Laws, and we won’t think you’re such prohibitionist hypocrites.

    Exactly what “Draconian Marijuana Laws” are you talking about? Before you answer, you best check the dictionary definition of Draconian. Even the strictest of American laws regarding smoking a joint now and then are really lax. Far laxer than blowing 0.08.

    Legalize Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!

    Next time, BK, do not stick yourself in the bucket and hand me the gun. You are shining example as to why marijuana should not be legal and you should be in rehab. You are as dumb as a box of rocks.Stop making it up as you go along. Do some research. Get some facts. Then apologize to America for being an idiot pot-head.

  3. Nic says:

    Deleting comments that give sources that contradict your claims is the work of a petty fear-mongerer.

    • Nic – my apologies for not approving your post earlier. I was on holiday up in British Columbia to take in a Gordon Lightfoot concert and just returned.

      Regarding your link to the five strictest states, just so the readers know, I believe you are referring to Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Arizona, with Oklahoma being the most “Draconian” in your mind. Agreed?

      In Draconian Law, the most common penalty was death. For instance, a petty shoplifter, under Draconian Law would be executed. If you are unable to pay your mortgage, under Draconian Law, you would then become a slave, the personal property of the bank who lent you the money. Those are Draconian Laws – severe penalties for seemingly benign, non-violent offenses.

      I am assuming that when you say “Draconian” you really mean laws that are unfair and unjust. We all like to exaggerate when we talk, and I am no exception, so I will go with the spirit of what you meant. In the name of brevity, I am only going to examine Oklahoman law, Canadian law Saudi Arabian law.

      In Oklahoma, considered the strictest marijuana state in America, possessing a small, recreational amount of marijuana, is a misdemeanor that can result in a fine up to $1000 and up to 1 year in jail on a first offense. Let us compare that to some other relatively equal offenses in the State of Oklahoma:
      – Blowing a 0.08% BAC will get you up to a $1000 fine and up to 1 year in jail with a lengthy drivers license suspension.
      – If I want to make my own unlicensed, home-brewed whiskey in Oklahoma I do so at the risk of up to 180 days in jail and a $2500 fine.
      – If I am a nineteen year old college coed caught with a beer in my hand, I can face up to a $300 fine and 30 hours of community service.
      – If I am a litterbug in Oklahoma, I face up to a $5000 fine and 30 days in jail.

      In context, that context being Oklahoma law, the penalty for minor marijuana possession is in line with penalties for similar benign infractions. The justice is fairly equal, and while you believe these penalties are unfair, that is just your opinion. If you live in Oklahoma, you should know the rules. Once you know the rules, you cannot cry “foul” when you are forced to play by the rules. While I would love to try my hand at distilling my own whiskey, I am not willing to accept the legal consequences, therefore I have other hobbies.

      Just returning from British Columbia, I thought to check on our socially progressive northern neighbors. What are their laws regarding minor marijuana possession? Apparently, socialist Canada agrees with Oklahoma. If you have less than an ounce of marijuana you are looking at up to 6 months in the pokey and a $1000 fine.

      What about Saudi Arabia, America’s stalwart Middle-Eastern ally? Well, since Sharia Law is broad and ill-defined at times, your punishment for marijuana possession seems to be dependent on time and place. You might get lucky and get off with as few as five years in prison. Or you might get executed.

      Ultimately, since 99.9% (a made up number, by the way, simply meaning “most of you”) of marijuana users are simply in it to get high, and have no legitimate medical need for THC, you and only you can decide if the risks are worth the benefits, whether you live in Oklahoma, Canada or Saudi Arabia.
      Honestly, Nic, I do not care if you smoke marijuana… as long as you NEVER let it affect me. That means no welfare for you, unemployment and the like, and you sure as hell better not kill anyone but yourself in a car accident. Unfortunately, since stoners have such high rates of driver mortality, I cannot, in good conscience, support legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

  4. Nic says:

    I don’t smoke marijuana. You’re a pedantic megalomaniac. In your mind, possessing a few grams of marijuana is equivalent to driving drunk? You also don’t seem to have even a basic understanding of how language develops. The word “draconian” derives from Draco’s code of laws but has a much more generalized usage today, referring to laws that are unduly harsh or cruel. But, you already knew that. You’re trying to sound smarter than you actually are by posting a lot of words that don’t actually mean anything. A $600 fine for possession of a few grams of a f*****g plant is draconian and you know it is. But, that’s how you want things, everything your way because people should behave the way you want them to. Prohibition doesn’t work.

    • So… you believe I am a man with delusions of grandeur that excessively dwells on details. Once again, you have a right to an opinion. Here is your opportunity to defend your position on marijuana. I have laid my case out very clearly in recent posts as to why I believe marijuana should remain a controlled substance not available for recreational use. Instead of cussing and calling me names, why don’t you refute my arguments without all the rhetoric? Obviously, it is too late for Oregon’s Measure 91, but if you can disprove my premises and conclusions I will post it so that readers can have your side of the statistics and the science. Convince me I am wrong.

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