The Case Against Same-sex Marriage Part 6 – The Worst Argument

In order to make a morally just decision in the matter of the government licensing same-sex marriage, I feel obligated to examine the arguments against allowing such an institution before coming to a conclusion.

Part 6 – The Worst Argument Against Same-sex Marriage:

Homosexuality is deviant behavior.

Bell-shaped curves fill our world. A few folk are mentally retarded, a few are geniuses and most of us are ordinary, scattered across a bell-shaped curve for intelligence. A certain percentage of the world has Down’s Syndrome, cerebral-palsy, red hair and are left-handed. It is what it is. My genetic code made me short, a little bit smart, and hard-wired straight. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what women find attractive about men. We are smelly, loud, obnoxious, aggressive, preditory and hairy. Unattractive! It is all in the wiring. One of my close friends is gay. He is neither flamboyant nor promiscuous, and has been with his partner for 30 years. His orientation was never about choice. It is simply in the wiring. Just as I could have never chosen an attraction to men, he has simply never found women of any interest whatsoever. The homosexual trait has existed for all of recorded history. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, or country, it is a genetic trait that is evenly distributed throughout all societies on Earth. So far all of our efforts to change homosexuals to heterosexuals have been clinical failures.

The crux is homosexuality (best guess estimates range from 2% to 20% of the population) is no more deviant than being a ginger (1-2% of the population and very much persecuted in the U.K.) or left-handed (about 10% of the population – and think on this: the word “sinister” finds its Latin roots in left-handedness). Heterosexuals are simply hardwired to respond negatively to homosexual sex acts. The point of being human is the ability to rise above our visceral instincts. If you want an example of deviant behavior you should consider swingers, bondage, or men who walk around in women’s underwear. Homosexuals are pretty common, ordinary even, in the grand scheme of things. Ordinary is pretty much the opposite of deviant.

Conclusion to the 6 part series

Objective examination of this series of arguments is the method I used to come to my conclusion quite some time ago. My personal answer was actually a relief at the end, because I was never comfortable with the position ingrained in me by society at large, including the Pride movement… much to that movement’s shame. Fear and hatred cripple our human experience even more than treating one another as mere objects of use. Love and commitment, valuing the sum of our parts rather than just the parts themselves, only heal that same human experience. Adding same-sex marriages to our civil law will not detract from society at large, as long as that same society also respects every American’s right to freedom of religion as designed and guaranteed by our Founding Fathers. Agree to disagree, and then live and let live.


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