The Case Against Same-sex Marriage Part 5 – The Best Argument

In order to make a morally just decision in the matter of the government licensing same-sex marriage, I feel obligated to examine the arguments against allowing such an institution before coming to a conclusion.

Part 5 – The Best Argument Against Same-sex Marriage:

If secular society approves same-sex marriage, homosexuals will seek to force America’s religious to approve of same-sex marriages and participate in same-sex weddings.

Since Roe v. Wade, America’s pro-abortion leaders, disgusting folks like NARAL, have attempted to force abortion and contraceptives on America’s religious citizens and healthcare organizations. Since the introduction of Plan B, the emergency contraceptive and abortifacient, into the market I have personally been verbally attacked by such people in my own work place simply because I refused to talk to them about it. They knew I could do little to defend myself without getting fired, and heaped on the abuse while bystanders gawked at their boorish behavior.

The same-sex marriage controversy is no different. Here in Oregon, in direct violation of the Oregon Constitution, Attorney General Ellen F. Roseblum destroyed one of Portland’s only Christian bakeries because they refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake for a lesbian couple. It is not a theoretical fear. These fights between secular rights and religious conscience are being fought in America’s legal system every day.

Here is a black and white example. I enjoy coffee, tea, wine, and pulled pork, and am Catholic. Both the Mormons and the Muslims believe this combination puts my very soul at risk of damnation, no different than if I were a flamboyant gay man. Thanks to the Constitution, they have no legal right to force me to convert to their religious way of thinking, and I have no legal right to force them to serve coffee and pulled-pork sandwiches at their food cart in downtown Portland. That is the price and promise of living in America… at least it used to be.

If the LGBT community is not willing to respect religious values of people they disagree with, they will never garner those people’s support. Ever. I realize that Fred Phelps was a rotten Christian, but turnabout is not fair play, unless the play was fair to begin with. If you do not like someone’s religious view, all you can do is present your best case and leave them to their conscience. That is the beauty of America, and why I would never move to the UAE. Homosexuals do not have the right to force their lifestyle on anyone any more than Christians (or Muslims) have the right to force homosexuals to be straight. In the long run, while it might feel good to screw the Christian in the moment, it is a losing strategy. Giving people a legitimate reason to hate you always is. Just ask Fred Phelps.

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