Talk Radio’s Lars Larson is a Liberal… and Proud of it

The Pacific Northwest is home to a fellow by name of Lars Larson, and he happens to be radio’s best talk journalist. I guarantee, if you listen to Larson for an hour, you will get more hard-hitting news than in a week of Limbaugh, and without all that irritating table thumping and paper rustling. Larson is a news junkie. A wonk. He is both smart and astute, and is usually right. Even when he is wrong, he wins the argument nineteen out of twenty times because he is a king of debate. He has a lot of conservative characteristics, especially when it comes to the government and social issues. I would argue he is a tiny bit of a plutocrat, but I would lose. Not because I am necessarily wrong, but I am simply not nimble enough to take on the man who goes up against and whips some of the best political debaters in America like he was shooting fish in a barrel.

21st Century progressive-liberals hate Larson. Oregon’s governors have not talked to him in decades. If he gets a burr under his saddle, you can bet he will ride it to exhaustion. He loves guns, loves hunting, and would be a real man’s man if not for his penchant for cosmetic procedures. He lives to defend the Constitution, hates waste, believes change should be logical and well thought out, and has no sympathy for the incorrigible and lazy. If you are going to go up against him, you better bring your facts and be succinct, or he will take you behind the woodshed for a good, old-fashioned whipping. Respectfully done, if you are respectful. Heaven help you if you are idiot, though.

So what makes a gun-toting, cigar smoking man with Tillamook values a proud liberal? My Webster’s Dictionary, that’s what. Despite what Larson’s many detractors claim, he is a man of many noble attributes.

  • Lars Larson is generous to a fault. He gives his time and pulpit freely to many very human causes such as the Wounded Warriors Project that provides invaluable help to returning veterans and their families. A charitable, unselfish heart is, by definition, liberal.
  • Lars Larson is a fierce proponent for quality in public education. He fights corruption in the NEA and U.S. Department of Education that have turned our public schools into academic cesspools and fights for charter schools and tuition vouchers. Someone who embraces education, literature and the sciences is, by definition, liberal.
  • Lars Larson is open to hearing all points of view. Be prepared for a debate if he disagrees with you, but I have heard plenty of people expound their position and win Lars over. He is anything but narrow-minded or bigoted. If you are right, and you have the facts and eloquence to make your point, he loses gracefully. Just not very often. An open mind, one who can embrace the interests of others is, by definition, liberal.
  • Lars Larson believes that every person possesses the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He believes every person has a right to think their own thoughts and lead their own life with a minimum of interference from their government or their neighbor. That, by definition, is liberal.

Perhaps this, and not Larson’s conservative traits, is why the 21st Century progressive-liberals really hate him. While he carries his conservatism like a couple of ivory-handled, six-shooters on his belt, it is his quiet liberalism that shames them most, for in their mean-spirited quest to defeat conservative thought, many have abandoned their own roots, roots so ingrained in Larson’s soul he could not abandon them if he tried.

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