Legendary British Jazz-Funk Band, Level 42, Remains True to the Music 33 Years On

October, 2013, Isle Of Wight.   Level 42’s Mark King is one of the music world’s hardest working chaps. While Level 42 faded from America’s short-term memory at the close of the 1980s, Mark King, Mike Lindup, and crew were just hitting their stride as musicians. Over the last two decades they have treated their fans to a seemingly never-ending tap of fresh music and intimate, small venue shows. While Americans were off subjecting themselves to the likes of The Boyz in the Sync, Justin Spears, Notorious Two-Bits, and other auto-tuned corporate-formula performers we are inexplicably ga-ga over, the men of Level 42 quietly, out of the spotlight, produced more than ten studio albums and solo projects. Their latest release, Sirens, a six track EP coming in at just over forty minutes, brings Level 42 full circle with a return to the jazz-funk sound that launched their career back in 1980. Whether listening to the title track, Sirens, Mike Lindup’s velvet vocals on My Independence Day, or the infectious Build Myself a Rocket (Mark’s daughter,  the very talented Marlee King, does the backing vocals on this one), the only thought that comes to my mind is this – after 33 years, Level 42 remains true to the music.

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